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What an incredible day of POWERFEST action Day 15, the final day, was. A staggering $8,660,291 was paid out as players flocked to the partypoker tables to get in on the action. While none of the Team partypoker players managed to secure titles, almost three dozen other players did and here are some of the biggest scores.

POWERFEST: The Story So Far

  • Events completed: 275
  • Events remaining: 0
  • Prize money awarded: $33,505,117

POWERFEST Day 15 Recap


Entries: 131
Buy-in: $10,300
Prize pool: $1,310,000
Places paid: 20

Some 131 players turned out for the POWERFEST #76-SHR: $1M Gtd despite the buy-in being set at $10,300. This meant the $1 million guarantee was not only hit, but blown out of the water by $310,000!

The huge prize pool was shared among the top 20 finishers and it looked likely that Kristen “Krissyb24” Bicknell was going to go all the way and take the tournament down. Unfortunately for Bicknell and her fans, she fell in ninth-place for $29,082.

This paved the way for the final table, all of the players here locked up $39,300. “Kroat..” busted first and was joined by “DasIstMirWurst”, “AndreyBolkonsky” and the excellent “Tigerbluff” the latter banking $78,600.

With Tigrbluff out of the way, everyone else was guaranteed a six-figure prize. “MARL0” netted $111,350 when they lost their stack to finish in fourth-place with the third-place finisher ”Amadeus_Mozart” scooping $157,200.

Heads-up ended in a deal that saw “PayAndPlay” walk away with $240,807 and “Junglemandan” bank an incredible $276,511 payout.

Place Player Prize
1 Junglemandan $276,511*
2 PayAndPlay $240,807*
3 Amadeus_Mozart $157,200
4 MARL0 $111,350
5 Tigerbluff $78,600
6 AndreyBolkonsky $62,225
7 DasIstMirWurst $49,518
8 Kroat.. $39,300

*reflects a heads-up deal

POWERFEST Phased #05-HR: $750K Gtd Final

Entries: 863
Buy-in: $1,050
Prize pool: $911,500
Places paid: 120

The POWERFEST Phased #05-HR: $750K Gtd Final also ended in a heads-up deal after 863 players competed for a slice of the $911,500 prize pool.

That lucky pair of players were “Hendlmann69” and “Chasse-Neige”. The former was credited as becoming the tournament’s champion, an accolade that also came with $148,656 in prize money, while the latter walked away with $124,429 after the deal.

Earlier at the final table, “RuiNF” fell in eighth-place for $12,669 and was joined on the sidelines by “Soothsayer” (7th – $18,230), “GandaGajo” (6th – $25,795), “aintnofish” (5th – $36,004), “showers” (4th – $51,044) and “kgroqigmqtbmqom” (3rd – $75,745).

Place Player Prize
1 Hendlmann69 $148,656*
2 Chasse-Neige $124,429*
3 kgroqigmqtbmqom $75,745
4 showers $51,044
5 aintnofish $36,004
6 GandaGajo $25,795
7 Soothayer $18,230
8 RuiNF $12,669

*reflects a heads-up deal

POWERFEST #74-HR: $750K Gtd PKO Championship Event

Entries: 365
Buy-in: $2,100
Prize pool: $750,000
Places paid: 48

You will have seen the POWERFEST #74-HR: $750K Gtd PKO Championship Event action unfold before your very eyes if you’d tuned into our Twitch channel last night as 365 players fought it out over $750,000.

Team partypoker players Jeff “JeffGross” Gross, Ludovic “Gr4vyBo4t” Geilich and Kristen “Krissyb24” Bicknell all cashed, but it was Jaime “jaimestaples” Staples who went the deepest, finally falling in 14th place for $4,584 plus $9,581 from the bounty prize pool.

Those bounties grew even larger on the final table with five of the players securing five-figures worth of scalps!

“MahmoodMokhtar” netted $12,993 from the bounty prize pool in addition to their $19,853 fifth-place prize, while “Hex Veldluis” added $17,062 to their $27,875 fourth-place prize.

Third-place and $38,905 went to “Pablos” who also locked up $12,698 worth of bounties, before “Krontheman” fell in second-place and saw their $56,115 prize boosted by $31,237 from the bounty prize pool. Our champion, “BreakingtheLAW” won $56,188 for their victory plus an additional $67,823 worth of bounties.

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 BreakingTheLAW $56,188 $67,823
2 Krontheman $56,115 $31,237
3 Pablos $38,905 $12,698
4 Hex Veldluis $27,875 $17,062
5 MahmoodMokhtar $19,853 $12,993
6 b_chess $14,719 $8,006
7 Van_Vian_Van $10,227 $4,068
8 Qwerty1234 $7,460 $1,968

POWERFEST Day 15 Full Results

Event Champion Prize
Powerfest #71-HR: $250K Gtd Grind Illlllllllllllll $41,011
Powerfest #71-H: $150K Gtd Grind PALbiCH $25,350
Powerfest #71-M: $50K Gtd Grind No Pain No More $8,201
Powerfest #71-L: $15K Gtd Grind Tarver77 $2,460
Powerfest #72-HR: $500K Gtd Deep marathur1 $96,135
Powerfest #72-H: $250K Gtd Deep Tigerbluff $42,143
Powerfest #72-M: $100K Gtd Deep Hustle10 $21,882
Powerfest #72-L: $40K Gtd Deep mariush23x $5,382
Powerfest #73-SHR: $1M Gtd Junglemandan $276,511
Powerfest Phased #04-SHR: $1M Gtd Final gnomesayin $250,238
Powerfest Phased #05-HR: $750K Gtd Final Hendlmann69 $148,656
Powerfest Phased #06-H: $300K Gtd Final CharlesBarkley $64,281
Powerfest Phased #07-M: $100K Gtd Final L0uisewreck $21,285
Powerfest #74-HR: $750K Gtd Championship Event PKO BreakingTheLAW $124,011*
Powerfest #74-H: $500K Gtd Championship Event PKO Samadhi3 $71,976*
Powerfest #74-M: $150K Gtd Championship Event PKO DarkSpider $21,995*
Powerfest #75-HR: $250K Gtd PLO Championship Event StrawberryGirl $97,633
Powerfest #75-H: $100K Gtd PLO Championship Event mrMartins $25,025
Powerfest #75-M: $25K Gtd PLO Championship Event JickMagger69 $7,675
Powerfest #75-L: $10K Gtd PLO Championship Event KentSuperAgent $1,650
Powerfest 76-HR: $250K Gtd Fast PKO MahmoudMokhtar $68,489*
Powerfest #76-H: $100K Gtd Fast PKO Runit2ice $19,967*
Powerfest #76-M: $30K Gtd Fast PKO Konduktoor $5,677*
Powerfest #76-L: $10K Gtd Fast PKO Magical_Marti72 $1,415*
Powerfest 77-HR: $100K Gtd Mix-Max Hyper PKO padscrippleddog $30,391*
Powerfest #77-H: $50K Gtd Mix-Max Hyper PKO Curtains $10,339*
Powerfest #77-M: $20K Gtd Mix-Max Hyper PKO sraaaaaaaa $5,426*
Powerfest #77-L: $5K Gtd Mix-Max Hyper PKO uiz1uG $915*

*includes bounty payments

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