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Diego Cuellar is the 2021 POWERFEST Main Event champion courtesy of having the most chips when the final four partypoker players decided to conclude the tournament with a deal. Cuellar secured a $173,866 payday, with none of the other three players part of the deal scooping less than $150,000.

POWERFEST #27 Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Diego Cuellar Peru $173,866*
2 Jamie O’Connor United Kingdom $168,660*
3 Karolis Sereika Lithuania $161,316*
4 Chanracy Khun Canada $151,489*
5 Diego Ventura Peru $56,114
6 Erik Tamm Sweden $42,868
7 Miguel Lopes Netherlands $33,266
8 Jorma Nuutinen Finland $26,440
9 Willem De Troyer Belgium $20,684

*reflects a four-handed deal

Willem De Troyer wasted no time in attempting to double up his short stack. In one of the first hands of the final table, Karolis Sereika min-raised to 700,000 with and called when De Troyer three-bet all-in for 5,717,436 with . The board ran , gifting Sereika an unnecessary full house, which resigned De Troyer to a $20,684 score.

It took more than an hour for the next player to bust, Finnish star Jorma Nuutinen being that player. Nuutinen managed to double through Erik Tamm to give himself around nine big blinds. Those went into the middle of the POWERFEST-branded virtual felt holding , Diego Ventura called with and flopped quad tens on the board.

Seventh-place and $33,266 went to the Netherlands’ Miguel Lopez. British pro Jamie O’Connor min-raised to 1,400,000 from the button with before calling when Lopes three-bet all-in from the big blind for 14,972,808 with the dominated . The flop put Lopes ahead with the turn taking away some of O’Connor’s outs. The river was one of O’Connor’s available cards because it improved him to a Broadway straight. Game over for Lopes.

What turned out to be the penultimate elimination saw Tamm head for the rail in sixth. Sereika opened to 1,600,000 at the 400,000/800,000/100,000a level with and called when Tamm ripped it in for 14,310,163 with . It was a good call from Sereika who ended up with a straight by the river of the board.

Ventura, who Patrick Leonard revealed on the stream used to play for a Hungarian football team that Leonard managed, was the last player to head to the showers. Ventura raised to 6,400,000 leaving himself only 3,629,364 (4.5 big blinds) behind, with . Chanracy Khun set his opponent all-in for the rest of his chips with , and Ventura called. A final board reading busted Ventura in fifth-place for a $56,114 haul.

The final four players fought it out for ten minutes before decided to strike a deal for the remaining prize pool. There was no money set aside for the eventual champion, so the tournament concluded.

Khun collected $151,489, Sereika netted $161,316, O’Connor banked $168,660, leaving Cuellar to scoop $173,866 and the title of POWERFEST Main Event champion courtesy of having the largest stack when the players dealt.

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