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Noah Hancock is a Sports Therapist student at the Solent University in Southampton who loves playing poker. Noah’s dedication to the game finally paid off when he became the Legend of the Week for Leaderboard 3.

Card games have always been part of Noah’s life, having been taught various games by his grandparents. The transition to poker was, pardon the pun, on the cards.

“A couple of friends taught me how to play poker when I was 16 and invited me to their weekly home game. My late grandparents had taught me card games since I was little, so thanks to them, I picked it up quickly. I started playing play money tournaments online and won a few, which made me really love the game and want to get better.”

Poker tournaments are where you usually find Noah getting his grind on, although he does dabble in cash games occasionally. Perhaps Noah will trigger one of the biggest Hot Table prizes during his cash game grind and boost his bankroll by up to $500.

“I am obsessed with online tournaments and play most nights. Just like most students, I don’t have much money, so I only play micro or low-stakes, nothing more than $11 buy-in tourneys. If I don’t have much time, I sometimes open some $0.25/$0.50 cash tables to try and boost the bankroll.”

An Incredible Week at the Tables

Noah won leaderboard 3 of the ongoing Legend of the Week promotion, which meant excelling in the Ocean’s and Terminator, two Daily Legends tournaments with an $11 buy-in. How did Noah’s leaderboard winning week go down?

“It was an incredible week! On the Monday, I had a deep run in the Oceans $11. I think I came 18th but I knew by the end of the week I wouldn’t be anywhere on the leaderboard. I played again on the Thursday and won the Terminator which sent me straight to the top. It came very close on the final day though; I observed the final table where two players had the chance to beat me if they finished first or second. Luckily, they both got knocked out in the same hand in fourth and fifth-place! I think I celebrated that hand more than winning the Terminator!”

Topping Leaderboard 3 saw $985 worth of Daily Legends tickets hit Noah’s partypoker account, giving him a shot at some tournament he would ordinarily be unable to play. However, Noah’s shot-taking did not exactly go to plan.

“I was so excited to finally play some higher stakes tournaments, but they didn’t go well at all. I didn’t cash a single tourney, and even busted with my first hand in one! I didn’t realise how much of a step up in difficulty it would be, but these players put so much pressure on you, it’s so much harder than at lower stakes. Hopefully, I can do well in the leaderboards again and have another go!”

Legend of the Week is Fantastic!

The Legend of the Week promotion is immensely popular thanks, in part, to the $60,000 worth of Daily Legends tickets being paid out each week. Obviously, those who finish high on each of the five leaderboards secure the biggest prizes, but there are hundreds of other players who receive a free ticket.

The promotion is fantastic. It adds so much value to the tournaments that a lot of people don’t realise. So many people win free tickets as well, so even if I have a rubbish week, the points you gain from a couple of small cashes add up and you can win quite a lot.”

Noah is also a fan of the Daily Legends tournaments in general, thanks to them being designed with our players’ experience in mind.

“These tournaments are brilliant too, easily my favourite tournaments out there. They start at a good time and even if you run deep they never finish ridiculously late. The prize pools are great as well, ans as long as you don’t make any stupid plays, they’re pretty easy to cash in too.”

I guess I better stop making those stupid plays Noah mentioned!

After having a taste of the high life, what are Noah’s poker-related goals for the rest of the year? You will not be surprised to discover Noah wants to climb up stakes.

“I would love to take poker even more seriously after I finish university in a couple of months, and possibly invest in some coaching to really try and improve my game. Of course, I would love to win a few more tournaments too and eventually try to build up my bankroll enough to move up in stakes. I think my biggest goal would be to win the leaderboards again; I really want to try and do well in a high stakes tournament.”

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