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Some 939 PartyPoker players bought into the latest edition of the $100,000 guaranteed Sunday Party, and one PartyPoker player outlasted them all. Introducing “HuppaDup,” your Sunday Party champion.

Day shuffled up and deal at 19:05 GMT on November 26, and everyone had high hopes of becoming a PartyPoker champion. Half of the $100,000 prize money went into the bounty prize pool, with the remaining 50% awarded to the top 159 finishers.

Team PartyPoker’s Jaime Staples couldn’t quite get going this week, and he fell in 360th. The PartyPoker player known as “Mike-T.K” busted in 160th place and popped the money bubble, although they did collect $125 worth of bounties before falling by the wayside.

Matt Staples was eliminated during the first few money places, his tournament ending in a 149th place finish worth a shade over $200, with bounties included.

By the Day 1 was in the history books, only 16 players remained, and those final 16 locked in at least $344 plus any bounties they collected along the way.

Sunday Party Day 2 Chip Counts

Place Player Bounties Chips
1 HuppeDup $532 10,417,672
2 vladich123 $309 9,985,527
3 mardaturan $990 8,329,015
4 GREENVOG99 $387 7,658,353
5 Colt-Fish $612 7,076,850
6 lennarttrolle $1,028 6,909,853
7 New folder $654 6,825,316
8 dynamtikaj $50 6,460,465
9 WickedWinzero $619 6,427,827
10 RESPECTdaBet01 $50 6,376,233
11 F. Barbosa $735 5,918,836
12 nonbeliever $50 3,556,016
13 time to shine $587 3,490,834
14 Romica 1 $550 1,948,060
15 Boggles19 $641 1,816,029
16 FooFighter22 $296 706,264

“HuppeDup” was the only Day 2 player with over 10 million chips at their disposal, although “vladich123” wasn’t far behind, with 9,985,527 chips. “FooFighter22” was the shortest stack with 706,264 chips, and they were unsurprisingly the first Day 2 player out of the door.

By the time the nine-handed final table was set, nobody could take home less than $903 when you included bounty payments, a healthy return for a few hours’ work.

“GREENVOG99” was the first finalist finding themselves on the sidelines, their ninth-place exit coming with $1,066 in total. The previously mentioned $903 found its way to the PartyPoker account of “nonbeliever” when they bowed out in eighth.

Seventh-place and $1,378 went to “vladich123,” who had started Day 2 second in chips. The player known as “New folder” had been busy busting opponents before their tournament ended in sixth place. “New folder” collected $1,446 from the main prize pool plus an additional $1,697 worth of bounties, the second-most bounties of anyone in the tournament.
The next two players heading for the exits were “WickedWinZero” and “lennarttrolle,” who turned their $109 initial investment into $2,540 and $4,234, respectively. The Sunday party reached its thrilling finale after “RESPECTdaBet01″ dusted off their chips in third-place. Although bitterly disappointed not to reach heads-up, RESPECTdaBet01” walked away with an impressive $5,308 for their efforts.

“HuppaDup” and “dynamtikaj” locked horns heads-up in a fight for the final two bounty payments. Both players secured at almost $6,350 from the main prize pool, leaving the bounties to play for. “dynamtikaj” fell at the final hurdle, and consoled themselves with $7,740, leaving “HuppaDup” to be crowned the Sunday Party champion, an accolade that came with $11,458 in total.

Sunday Party Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 HuppaDup $5,110 $6,348 $11,458
2 dynamtikaj $1,402 $6,338 $7,740
3 RESPECTdaBet01 $1,103 $4,205 $5,308
4 lennarttrolle $1,501 $2,733 $4,234
5 WickedWinZero $669 $1,871 $2,540
6 New folder $1,697 $1,446 $3,143
7 vladich123 $309 $1,069 $1,378
8 nonbeliever $50 $853 $903
9 GREENVOG99 $387 $679 $1,066

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