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Check out the video below. I took TJ, a German Shepherd mate of Zasko’s into the $100k buy-in event at the Aussie Millions but alas, despite the fact that he made me feel so relaxed at the table, it was bike time for me on day one. All-in with kings and I was crushed by a set of fours.

I cannot explain how great it was to have a dog sat in a basket with me on the feature table. He was a menacing presence but overall a really good boy – as you can see in this video though when I point at him he barks – he’s ready to smell the weakness in my opponents. It was definitely a fun day, TJ even had 100k worth of Crown chips in his mouth at one point – who would dare try and steal them from him!

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TJ had everything – Evian, Wagyu and lots of toys courtesy of Upmarket Pets in Queen Street. He also made a lot of new friends. Tom Dwan didn’t mind him though looked intimidated, while Erik Seidel was definitely a TJ fan. Erik commented that he would sell all his WSOP bracelets to me if the money went to charity. Want to do a deal Erik?

It is fair to say that TJ had more fans than Phil Ivey and he was actually at the table longer in the 100k than the world’s greatest poker player. Everybody seemed to think TJ would be wearing Peter Eastgate’s WSOP Main Event bracelet – but alas some Scottish squillionaire who makes me look like the humble boy from the street that I am is in possession of this jewellery.

I would like to thank everybody at Crown for allowing me to bring my dog into the casino – it was funny to see all the security guys dramatically talking into their radios when TJ went past. TJ also asked me to pass on his best wishes to all his fans – he managed to do a lot of autographs yesterday but if you missed out he is sorry. I would also like to thank all those that packed the rail to cheer TJ on.

At the moment I have appointed a temporary manager for my dogs until I can persuade Vanessa Rousso to take the job permanently. He did a good job, TJ loved the Bike Time collar and very soon here on the PartyPoker blog I am going to give you a chance to win some of these must have souvenirs. I was thinking though – should I put TJ’s diamond encrusted dog collar on e-bay?

Good luck to all the PartyPoker qualifiers in the Main Event – great to see you at 28 in the Metropole last night. I obviously love you all but if you are on a table with me the sympathy ends. You are just like any other rival player – I just hope you are not scared of dogs.

By the way, for all of you that asked – TJ loves his craps.


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