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To cut a long story short, I busted from the Aussie Millions main event yesterday. I guess you can’t win it every year… right?

It was a really strange day that ended somewhat anticlimactically when Gavin Griffin knocked me out, but there were definitely a couple highs in there including getting it in with a set of kings to a turned straight and making my full house on the river and then getting it in with a set of jacks to David Steicke’s set of aces on the turn and hitting a 1-outer to stay alive.

With all that luck it’s hard to imagine how I could bust, but I found a way. There was a MP limp and Griffin raised in the CO to 1900 at 300/600/75. I called from the button with  and the original limper called (effective stacks 32k). The flop came [Qx][9x][6x] and the original limper checked, Griffin bet 4k, and I made it 8.5k. The original limper folded and Griffin went all in.

I suppose it’s pretty standard to get it in there. But one of the worst hands he could turn over is the [Ax][Ax], which is what he had. But with all the possible draws and even the chance he puts me on a draw and moves in with a worse hand I think I played the hand fine.

I was pretty disappointed and would’ve loved to have made a deep run in the event, but it’s just not that easy. The tables are tough and the players are good and a lot needs to go your way to go well. Even though I had some good luck when I was all in, I struggled to otherwise make a pair or take down a pot with a continuation bet all day.

Also, I had a huge case of musical chairs being moved a total of 5 times in 7 levels. It’s hard to get a feel for the table when you’re continually being drawn to the table that’s next to break, or the floor guy always seems to find you when they’re looking to balance tables, but I guess that’s just part of the game and if I got through the day it wouldn’t have really have registered as something to complain about.

In the 1k rebuy side event I ended up busting in 15th, which was reasonable but also a bit annoying. Still, there are a couple more events on the schedule including the 2k 6-max which I’m looking pretty forward to. Also, there’s some good tennis matches to come in the next few days, so there’s plenty of fun to be had and hopefully a decent poker result mixed in there as well.


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