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Update: the bidding is up to $50,000 and Tony G says “don’t touch my bling“.

I have decided that I am going to buy Peter Eastgate’s WSOP Main Event winner’s bracelet. It is currently trading at $16,500 on e-bay and I am going to lead the bidding at $17,500 – I don’t expect any further bids and as I know there are very few people with the heart and courage to challenge a determined Tony G.

What am I going to do with Peter’s bracelet? Well, the plan is to get it adapted into a special collar for my trusted German Shepherd Zasko. The ultimate dog bling – as my gladiator and protector he deserves to be kitted out in such style.

My dog will be wearing Eastgate’s bracelet

You may not think I am serious, but I am deadly serious – my dog is going to be wearing the Great Dane Eastgate’s bracelet – mark my words.

When I enter the Aussie Millions Main Event this year with Zasko he is going to be suitably dressed for the occasion!

On a day when the world is talking about Prince William giving an engagement ring to Kate Middleton it is only right that my dog of impeccable bloodline gets the ultimate status symbol from the world of poker.

I have a few ideas about how to modify the bracelet into a dog collar. I may well call upon Robert Williamson III’s wife Cate (not from the House of Windsor) who is a top jewellery designer to help me and am exploring other options. Zasko has a neck like Mike Tyson so it is going to take some work.

People will accuse me of trying to make a mockery of Peter’s WSOP Main Event win but that is not the intention – I really want to do this. I respect Peter’s decision to turn around and say that’s it – each to their own and hope that the money I give him for the bracelet goes to a good cause.

My boy can play…and he doesn’t bite…much

I got a bit concerned for him after his WSOP win – you get all this money and perhaps you get in games too big for you but every time I played with him I thought he was a good player and a nice lad. He’s hardly Prince of Denmark material but I have a lot of time for him and his brother Kaspar and still do.

I saw the way people swarmed all over him offering the world and all the sponsorship circus (I’ve been there, just ask Tiffany Michelle) and he seemed very level headed.

I have just seen the news about the new WPT Regional Series Events in the United States and WPT National Series Events in Europe. I have already emailed Bruno ‘King’ Fitoussi about the ACFpoker Paris event at the Aviation Club between the 9th – 15th February. 5k buy-in – can’t wait.

Bruno said that under no circumstances can I bring Zasko in the Aviation Club as even he isn’t allowed to bring his dog in there. What’s wrong Bruno, do you not like the idea of a territorial German Shepherd in your poker room? Isn’t Bruno the name of a possible playmate for Zasko? Scared that Zasko will prove he is the real ‘King?’

Some of you will know that I have a bit of history with the Aviation Club de France – it’s a blessing they even let me in these days – but I want to bring my dog – after all he has a WSOP Main Event winner’s bracelet from 2008. My boy can play…and he doesn’t bite…much. Here to me Zasko, here to me!


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