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Check out this picture of what my graceful protector will look like in his new collar.

I have just looked at e-bay and seen the price has dramatically risen from $17,500 to $50,000. Didn’t I tell you to not touch my blinds, don’t touch my bling and under no circumstances never ever mess with Zasko? Do you listen? Do you want me to call the clock on you all now?

Carry on bidding, this bracelet is going to go for six figures. I respect Zasko too much to not pay what it takes but I do have limits. For $2 million I could buy him his own private jet!

I have had a number of comments about whether this demeans the value of a WSOP bracelet. You’ve got to have a laugh in life and this is what this is – a bit of fun for a good cause. And yes… I haven’t yet won a bracelet but it is only a matter of time.

If Ricky Martin can, Zasko can

Zasko and I spoke to the Great Dane Peter Eastgate on the phone and the only thing I would really like with the bracelet is for Zasko to become a global UNICEF ambassador. He can join the likes of Roger Moore, David Beckham, Roger Federer and Lionel Messi. Hell, even Ricky Martin is an ambassador so if he can, Zasko can.

Zasko is fine with all the attention he is getting, he is livin la vida loca – we are going on 15 kilometre walks every day. Like his owner he will be fit in body and mind and ready for the Aussie Millions and the challenge of winning a bracelet at the WSOP. My dog is a winner!

I have received lots of comments through Facebook – one of them was from Germany’s Thomas ‘Buzzer’ Bihl, the winner of the very first WSOPE bracelet. He offered to sell me his so I always have options. I have said before that Zasko has such an impeccable bloodline that I am looking at a breeding programme to provide protection for my houses worldwide – baby Zaskos also need bracelets!

By the way come and play the Bike Ride this Sunday, over 3,500 of you did last week – this could be even more huge with your help. By huge I mean German Shepherd huge! From my recollection I finished 376th in this donkey massacre. Terrible performance from me. My report card reads must do better – must crush more souls. I’m a gladiator!


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