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Zasko the German ShepherdThe airmiles have been clocking up for AirTonyG. From Lithuania I have now returned to the Southern Hemisphere.

Leaving Lithuania, home of the third best basketball team in the world, hurts, however, as I have a new baby in my life.

Meet Zasko, my new best friend – a German Shepherd of impeccable pedigree – a beast, a top stud – quite frankly he’s the top dog and the dominant male like his owner.

I mentioned before that I got attacked by Steve Wynn’s German Shepherd in Vegas. I used to think a German Shepherd was a German poker robot teacher with no heart – now this unique breed is the G Man’s best friend.

In fact, Zasko is currently in Lithuania awaiting a response to his passport application right now and if it comes through I will hire a private jumbo jet to take him to the Split Apple Retreat, a place of deep relaxation in New Zealand.

Special moves, nunchucks – cowabunga baby!

Here he will join his owner – daddy Tony G who is on a spot visit after securing the venue for my entourage and Russian brigade to get zoned before the Aussie Millions in January.

My dog will come good and produce the real fight for blood. Forget the bike, I now want to go to the table with Zasko – he can sit by my feet and eliminate anyone who for some strange reason may not feel my power.

Zasko will be looking to produce a few offspring in the southern hemisphere – then I am guaranteed to have some my outer reach residences well protected by good blood that smells blood.

You all know that I love poker and sports betting but I have been getting into in the last week or so and, specifically, the new slot Kung Food. The bonus round allows you to fight as food ‘Street Fighter’ style. There are special moves, nunchucks – cowabunga baby!

Lots of great characters – Bruce Pea, Crispy Duck Norris, Jet Leek, Jackie Clam and my favourite – Jean-Claude Van Ham.

Check out this demo below:

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Best bit for me, when Jean-Claude Van Ham gets killed he gets deboned by his own bone. Maybe I should set Zasko on him!


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