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Tony G has been missing in action recently so I thought it was time for an update. I have been busy with binging and business recently and haven’t played much poker since finishing runner up in the WPT London High Rollers.

I have seen the news on the web that has been named the softest online poker room in the universe. Tell me something I didn’t know.

This huge crocodile with Lithuanian stripes frequently indulges in a fish eating frenzy on the site. You are soft and you are gone, gone, gone as poker players – take that from the Tony G. Bring me more seafood – yum!

What I have learned in the past couple of weeks:

1) I love the Shisha – peach flavour is better than water melon. I am in debt to my Egyptian friends in Mayfair.

2) Lithuania are the THIRD BEST basketball team in the world and I would really love a shisha now but I don’t know where I can get one!

I went to Istanbul to see the Lithuanian national basketball team finish third in the World Championships. I sponsored them for the Championships and have agreed to extend the sponsorship deal going forward. I flew back to Lithuania with the basketball team and we were greeted by millions of people out in the streets (I am not known for my counting skills).

What followed was a huge presentation and concert in the town square! Bronze is like gold for Lithuania – it has been unreal over here. I had the time of my life but my liver suffered from four days worth of parties. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Barack Obama, George Washington WE DESTROYED YOU. Long live Lithuania! (in fact we didn’t destroy the USA but third isn’t bad for a country with a population of just over three million).

It was brilliant to be in Istanbul for the championships. I was the cheerleader general! I was helping the fans get good spots in the games to shout hard – we also had our own band with 12 drummers to push the team harder!

The team had the heart and commitment to the game – their desire to win was an inspiration to the whole country!

3) I am not going to be at WSOP Europe but I heard my old buddy Phil Hellmuth is in town. How will he enter the Main Event?

Well my thoughts are a) Hellmuth to enter in a papal outfit. Forget the white smoke and the Madison Kid beatifying the Empire in Leicester Square – people will be too busy blowing smoke up his ass! Isn’t Jean Paul Kelly II the poker pope at the moment now anyway? b) The Poker Brat to enter as a Second World War pilot to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Alternatively c) some hip hop sh*t I am friends with Jay-Z and really too old for this sh*t entrance. Yawn!

You never know we may get I am poker player and I am here to play poker but I hope not – always love to see a car crash!

4) I have started playing a bit of double hold’em on Check it out – I am an early adopter, I have an edge – on yer bike.

5) I am talking to Party about bringing my bike ride tournament into the online schedule. Watch this space and be very, very afraid!


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