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Imagine the monster poker hands you could make if you could play every pot with three hole cards instead of two.

Well, starting today is giving players three hole cards instead of two. No, it’s not an April Fool – we’ve introduced a new style of poker called Double Hold’em.

Exclusive to, Double Hold’em is Texas Hold’em with a twist. You start each hand with three hole cards instead of two.

Then, after the flop, you nominate one card to be your ‘point card’. This card plays alongside your other two cards, making two separate poker hands. You automatically play with whichever is the strongest. (Unclear? Watch this video tutorial.)

We’re offering Double Hold’em in Limit and No Limit formats, and it’s live in the client right now. You can play for real money, or try it out at our play money tables. is the only place where you can play Double Hold’em online, so launch the software today and get used to playing with three cards instead of two.


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