Phil Hellmuth fetal position WPT

I have just got hold of this disturbing picture of Phil Hellmuth from the WPT  Bay 101 Shooting Star in San Jose. He made the final table, was second in chips but bust first – finishing sixth. Though he’s probably the player I reserve my bike for the most, I was secretly willing him on to win this one in his own backyard – thus securing a WPT title for the very first time after making four final tables.

I am worried about his mental health

Unlike the Premier League, where we saw trash talking and hysterics when he busted, Phil simply curled up into a ball in the foetal position when he very, very unluckily got busted – I am worried about his mental health. Here is my open letter to him:

Dear Phil

I heard you talking in Vegas about PEMM (Positive, Exercise, Moment and Meditation) and laughed heavily. Yes Phil, all the A List action and people coming up to you recognising you all the time had flipped you out. Quite frankly, this is the sort of Hellmuth talk that makes me LMAO and opens you up to serious ridicule. Now, however, I think my attitude has changed – get well Phil! Actually, you are already there mate…I hate to see you in the state you are in in this picture and it disturbs me.

This final table is the start of a mega, mega comeback

Phil Hellmuth WPT bustBy making the final table at this WPT event you have proved you are great Phil. You have been running worse than you could possibly run and this final table is the start of a mega, mega comeback.

It’s clear to me that the younger players are making a huge amount of ground but you are a real legend in my book. I hope this final table doesn’t leave lasting psychological damage – you are on your way back. Trust me when Tony G says this.

You were a Shooting Star

This WPT at Bay 101 is a hard tournament, you were a Shooting Star – Matt Savage, as ever, provided a fantastic structure, and you showed what you could do. It was clear to me that you had a phenomenal read on one of your opponents and I cannot wait to see the coverage and what Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten have to say. Don’t beat yourself up about this one – THE POKER BRAT IS BACK!

I really mean what I write here. I found it funny when Roland and Daniel gave you a retirement card at the Premier League and nothing satisfies me more than making you cry and wail. I will send you back to Madison, or Russia – or wherever.

You are a valuable asset to the poker world

I also hate the fact you always have to have a limo and go on about Slash and rock stars all the time but from the position of being a being a player and businessman in this industry, I can truly say you are a valuable asset to the poker world. Entering the WSOP Europe dressed as Caesar is taking it a bit too far but then again my sponsors have given me a personal concierge and I know you are pi**ed about that!

See you soon champ, hopefully at the PartyPoker Cash Game in April or at a WPT soon. I might not be feeling as generously spirited as I am now but I want you to know that the G is here in your hour of need. I have big heart, you know that.

The tournament at Bay 101 is now heads-up. See WPT live updates for the latest.



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    • I watched most of the Shooting Stars coverage via the live feed and have to say Phil played amazing poker, especially the first 3 days. What I believe hurt in the end were a couple of bluff attempts that went bad. It’s reduced his chips to under 900,000 and with Andy Seth having over twice his stack made it a fairly easy gamble with AJ. Still you go to like your QQ in that spot but it’s an example of giving your opponent “an opportunity to get lucky” and that’s never a good thing when you’re the player facing potential elimination. Also the failed bluff(s) likely undermined Phil’s credibility just enough to give Seth the feeling his AJ was actually the best hand. It was an unfortunate turn of events and unfair considering how well he played over those four days. However, I do believe Phil will have a great 2010 and the WPT Shooting Stars was just the beginning. Good luck sir.

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  4. I really hope that Mr. Hellmuth never analyses the thoughts of his piers. If he does and finds the true oppion on him, he’ll be crushed. But he never will, his ego is too big and his insight too small.

    • Re: Pdiddy. I don’t know if you watched along via the live feed but whatever is said about Phil’s ego aside, he showed extreme discipline and played solid the entire first 3 days of the tournament. He’s started shorted stacked when his AK ran into AA but kept his head and hung in as he slowly dropped to about 4500 chips. He got his money in with AK vs AJ and doubled up and then about an hour later all-in again with an Ace high flush draw vs smaller smaller flush draw. Phil Paired the “A” on the turn and his opponent was drawing dead. Even the final hand he put his money in with QQ vs AJ, so he played great. In fact if you followed the coverage closely, you see why Phil Hellmuth is truly one of the best tournament players in the world!

  5. Tony — if you were to get into an arm wrestling match with Phil Hellmuth — we all know you will win — but how long do you think it would take for you to beat Hellmuth? (15 seconds? 3 minutes?) I’m curious. Thanks.

  6. Sorry Phil your not even close to being that much better than the average player these days to overcome the “luck factor” The old days are over,just invest your money you have left in something wise and don’t go broke like 99% of the other “so called pros” Good luck

  7. ROTFLMAO – Tony is hilarous! He has Phil pegged to a T!

    To: Phil

    Bitches get stitches u little cry baby.

  8. I really thought you feel the letter and you were serious about it, but then I see the comments and you say it will take u max 10 sec to beat Hellmuth, that’s pretty childish, even though it was a joke or not.

    Hellmuth is the greatest tournament poker player of all time. His stats are flat out sick and I doubt any1 will ever equal him. He leads the tournament money list adjusted by inflation, he’s got a ROI of over 280% in live tourney, he’s got like every single record in NLHE. He is a beast. I gotta admit he is far from being the best right now, but he is definately the Greatest tournament player of all time. He has shown so much consistency throught the last 20 years, he’s been successful after the boom as well, and I think he can still crush any NLHE tournament he plays on.