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Most online poker players love reading about high-stakes tournaments where thousands of dollars are won on the turn of a card. However, not everyone has the inclination nor the bankroll required to play in such high buy-in events, which is why PartyPoker has come superb multi-table tournaments costing $22 or less. Every wondered what are the best PartyPoker tournaments for under $22? Wonder no more, if tat answer is yes, because the PartyPoker Blog has you covered.

The $22 buy-in $30,000 Guaranteed Sunday Carnival

The Sunday Carnival is, without doubt, the best $22 buy-in tournament PartyPoker offers. As the name suggests, the Sunday Carnival runs every Sunday, with cards in the air from 19:05 GMT. This event is a progressive knockout tournament, so you can win plenty of money even if you don’t navigate your way to the payout places. Oh, did we mention that the Sunday Carnival comes with a $30,000 guaranteed prize pool? Well, it does.

You receive 100,000 chips for your $22 investment, and get to play to a 20-minute clock for the first three levels, giving you plenty of bang for your buck, especially as the blinds start at only 500/1,000/100a. The clock reduces to seven-minutes from Level 4 onwards, with late registration ending after the 12th level.

The November 5, 2023, edition of the Sunday Carnival saw 1,841 entrants create a guarantee-busting $36,820 prize pool. The PartyPoker player known as “Richtongue” came out on top, and helped themselves to a combined score worth $4,281, which included bounties. Best of all, despite not starting until 19:05 GMT, the Sunday Carnival had crowned its champion by 02:05 GMT, meaning even the champion could get plenty of rest before taking on the world on Monday. What’s not to love?

The $11 buy-in $10,000 Guaranteed Super $11

Those of you wishing to only spend $11 but still wanting the chance to win big should look no further than the Super $11. Part of our Super Daily Legends, the Super $11 runs daily at 19:05 GMT (the Sunday edition starts slightly earlier at 17:05 GMT), costs $11 to enter, and promises to award not a cent less than $10,000!

Like the Sunday Carnival, the Super $11 is a progressive knockout (PKO) tournament, so half of the $10,000 prize pool is awarded in a traditional manner with the remaining 50 per cent split evenly and placed on the heads of each entrant. Eliminate an opponent to instantly win half of their bounty as cash, with the other half increase the bounty on your head.

Super $11 players sit down with 50,000 chips, and play to an eight-minute clock throughout. Blinds start at 250/500/50a, late registration is open for 12 levels, and you can re-enter twice before the end of the 12th level.

When the Super $11 ran on November 5, 2023, “Hellbyme” outlasted 1,522 opponents to clinch a top prize worth $1,845; not bad for a shade over seven hours grinding!

The $5.50 buy-in $5,000 Guaranteed Super $5.50

$5.50 doesn’t buy you very much these days, but it does get you into the Super $5.50 tournament, which runs every day of the week at 00:05 GMT, but at 18:05 GMT each Sunday. Those Super $5.50’s running at 00:05 GMT feature a $2,000 guarantee, with the Sunday edition boosted to an impressive $5,000.

Buy into the Super $5.50, a popular PKO event, and receive 50,000 chips. Levels span eight minutes, and start at 250/500/50a. The structure follows that of the larger buy-in Super $11, meaning you have 12 levels of late registration, during which time up to two re-entries are permitted.

The latest Sunday Super $5.50 saw 1,171 players battle it out for the lion’s share of the $5,855 prize pool. “SilasBoss” came out on top, and walked away with $896 for their efforts, plus bragging rights over their peers.


While it is often the high-stakes world that captures the imagination of the poker community, most players frequent lower stakes. Just because you do not want to risk a lot of money does not mean you cannot win bankroll-boosting prizes at PartyPoker; quite the opposite is true.

Dive into the Super $5.50, Super $11, or the Sunday Carnival, and see if you can turn your affordable investment into a potential career-defining prize.


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