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I was recently speaking to Jesse May on The Poker Show and you probably realized I am in a place of deep relaxation in New Zealand. I love the Kiwis and am glad the whole Lord of the Rings and Hobbit filming issues are all now resolved there. I am so relaxed I could be in Middle Earth but do I have a Frodo haircut? Of course not I leave that to my friend Mr Devilfish!

One of the reasons I have been in such a zen like state of relaxation is am preparing for the debut of my Sunday Bike Ride on this weekend (Sunday 7th November). I am going to take it down and show all you haters who the boss is.

To prepare I took the bike for a ride underwater in the company of sharks as you can see in the picture. Do you think I am scared? Is that shark called Andrew Robl? Has it got nits?

There’s no excuse not to play as it only costs 25 points to join in – free money and a leaderboard. It will also be a laugh when I crush your soul and own you completely. See here for more details.

Working on a special project

One Palladium VIP I have got to know recently is also working on a special project for the Sunday Bike Ride, details of which will go on the PartyPoker blog soon. He showed blog users how to make their computer scream oooooh partypoker. Guess who might be talking at you now?

When you are about to time out my voice says “What is this? Can you put the clock” and when you win a pot it says “Yeah! yeah baby feel my power” “If you read my poker strategy, I tell everyone, never overplay KJ” Other clips we’re considering using include:

  • “I played it like a set! I played it like a set!”
  • “Two Kings, Baby!”
  • “You’re a champion, send you back to Russia”

Watch this space I will post the details soon. Send me any suggestions you have for audio clips through’s Facebook.


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