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I heard about what Tony G had to say about me and am happy to be given the opportunity of a right of reply.

I never thought I would see the day when the Fish blogged on but I appreciate this chance to have right to reply to the Lithuanian child.

Tony was talking about pictures in my new book ‘Devilfish – Life and Times of a Poker Legend’ which is out on September 9th.

Do you like the picture on the right I took of Tony at the Poker Million recently? He is uncharacteristically smiling. He loves to give the verbals but quite simply he isn’t in the same league as the Fish.

At the Poker Million he just sat there quiet and motionless – perhaps it was because he was too close to my right hook? If Tony has chips he starts getting chirpy (and boy does he like to eat his chips) – if not, he’s more like a mouse and easy prey for the true professional player. I respect him as a businessman but as a player he needs to go back to school.

A big tournament on my doorstep

He wrote about ‘tickling the Devilfish’ – quite frankly I don’t have a clue what he is on about, I have bigger things to worry about. I am currently on vacation in Majorca, I have been working out in the gym – when I walked out of the sea people thought I was Daniel Craig.

As well as looking forward to the launch of my book – you can pre-order here. I am going to be playing the WPT London Poker Classic at the Palm Beach Casino on the 30th – the staff there have always been very friendly and I am really looking forward to it – it is about time there was a WPT in London.

A big tournament on my doorstep is definitely a big advantage – so many times I fly abroad and have to get over jetlag – now these players will be coming to me. I have an edge.

That said, I don’t doubt that some young monkey in a hoodie will knock me out to try and make a name for themselves but I have got used to that now. I also heard about the high rollers and Bobby’s Room style cash games coming to Crockfords during that time. The Fish wants to mix it up baby – let’s just not have some hold’em – let’s throw in a bit of Omaha!



  1. Dave, I just read G’s blog. I wonder how he ever got to be a winning player. He has the intellectual capacity of an amoeba. And poker is a game for the intellectual philosopher, so therefore his is many million cells, maybe even into the billions of cells away from being able to reach a point where he has enough intellectual capacity to begin to philiosophise.
    I’d love to know his genuine online username – not his doss account – to see if he can cut it in the modern arena.
    “Come on amoeba tell us your username and show us your genuine roi online,” if you aren’t getting crushed, fair play I will withdraw my comments. But you won’t because you can’t.
    The other thing, Dave, about ths amoeba is that his trash talk if I was sat at the table would just bore me. It would not influence my game one iota. His voice grates, like the whine of an old style kettle you leave on the heat too long.
    So on would go some music and I’d just slow the game right by constantly asking the size of the pot and who has bet what, I’m sure that would annoy the amoeba more than he could ever anoy me.
    But Dave, mate, forget throwing in PLO play him “Dealers choice” – amoeba will be so out of his depth he’ll drowned.
    Anyway Tony G as you can see there is much more art to trash talk than that which you are capable of.
    These people you call Donkeys, well even if they were, which they are not, you are one step beyond, you are dog food and why cos when a donkey like you dies you become dog food.
    I can guarantee a slow and painful death for you the only real donkey mentioned in either blog – when donkeys die they don’t go to donkey heaven they go into that can to feed your pet.
    I would finish by telling the amoeba to apologise and show some respect but seen as he doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand the concept nor does he have any class then how can he?
    Good luck at the table’s Devil – you do Yorkshire proud!

  2. bloody hell Dave how did u manage NOT to give F/B BIG MOUTH a right hook! I`ve seen him & on to him aswell mate! BEST WISHES 4 THE WSOP. Hay lets hope its me soon thats givin ya grief! Nothin but respect 4 u Dave, dont c enough ov u on the custard mate! SORT IT OUT.

  3. The other thing I wonder about is why party poker sponsors an amoeba. Isn’t a sponsored person supposed to assist in getting people to come to the site and stay there.
    I think it’s about time an accountant did some number cruching as to the value of having a player who is not hated, no much worse than that, DETESTED.