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Life in the Tony G household is tranquil at the moment – I have been spending my time looking after my health. By the 29th August I will truly be in the mood to play a lot more.

First stop is the televised WPT London, presented by my sponsors – I am also particularly looking forward to playing the televised high rollers on the 3rd September and following that the World Open VI. Busy, busy time for the G.

Matusow appears to be a reader of my blog

Last week I took part in the Poker Million, an unsuccessful day for me – was completely card dead. What a heat though, it featured me, the Devilfish, Mike Matusow and Annette Obrestad.

What impressed me, however, is that Matusow appears to be a reader of my blog – the gospel according to Tony G! When he walked in he goes, “I read the stuff about you crushing my soul at the Poker Lounge in Cardiff,” he remarked. Actually Mike, I didn’t use those specific words – in my mind I simply owned you – I crushed your soul at the WPT Bad Boys of Poker.

It was also great to see my friend Mr Devilfish back on the scene. Haven’t seen him for a while and he was on usual form and on a mission to seriously plug his book. I am looking forward to reading ‘Devilfish: The Life and Times of a Poker Legend.”

Now I just want a tickle

At the moment I have flicked through and seen the pictures. Check out Ulliott’s hair in 1985! Anyway, I now refer you to the Times a couple of days ago. There was a story about massive whales in the ocean and the headline is: ‘Once I was the devilfish – but now I just want a tickle.’ Is this an accurate assessment? On ya bike fishy!

Talking of my favourite mode of transport on two wheels I noticed that the mayor has introduced a system where Londoners get access to thousands of bikes. As an environmentalist and keen fan of personal health I welcome this move but I had to laugh when someone got caught kicking one of the bikes on the first night. Did your kings run into aces mate? Do you have a problem with Russians?

From time to time I have a problem with Russians but it is not as deep rooted as many of you think. I have problems with Russians who send donkeys parasailing for publicity – it’s a disgrace. I am glad someone rescued that donkey and was pleased to learn that soccer manager Harry Redknapp had chosen to adopt the eeyore. If he hadn’t, Tony G would have galloped to the rescue and flown the donkey business class to Lithuania. This donkey would have been spared no luxury.

Normally I am not that accommodating to donkeys but this would have been an exception. Talking of Russian donkeys I am still trying to persuade Alex Kravchenko to make his entrance to WPT London as a parasailing Russian donkey – come on bite Alex, bite!

I have been hearing lots of players being confirmed for WPT London – it really is going to be fabulous. Barry Shulman is one man who needs to get on his bike, he’s got some needle. Sorel Mizzi – don’t you miss me. James Akenhead – you used to be a train driver but how about getting on your bike? Annette Obrestad – you love to call people donkeys, perhaps I will parasail you out with Kravchenko!

Neil Channing – you are coming – cheer up! Roland de Wolfe – you are a donkey in a wolf’s clothing – little red riding donk.

All of you – bring it on!!!



  1. Happy end for the parasailing donkey. At the moment the donkey is in a russian wellness center. The best news are, that british newspaper The Sun has adopted the donkey and so there is a perfecht situation for the rest of donkeys life.