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So it’s official, I will have a dog with me when I play the 100k event at the Aussie Millions on Saturday. Before you ask, it is not Zasko, there were some visa and security issues but his mate TJ will be coming along to be my lucky mascot.

TJ is an intelligent and obedient dog specifically trained by the best in the business to be my faithful guard. He plays ball, he plays dead but he is ready for action within a split second if called upon.

As you well know by now I am not Phil Hellmuth so there will be no flashy entrance but you have to be impressed that the G has the weight to get a dog brought into the casino. He will just be there playing around – tilting my opponents and making the game a bit of fun.

I think some people will like him being around while others don’t – those that don’t really ought to watch out though as he can smell it if people dislike him. He has a great scent – he can read people just like a top poker player but in his case the bite is worse than his bark.

I have been talking to Nobu about TJ’s special dinner of finest Wagyu. They cannot send a personal chef down for TJ I am afraid but I have sourced some Wagyu from another top place on the Crown property – my dog will have his own private chef.

Think about it if you were Nobu, your food is good enough for a dog? What they don’t realise is the best only gets the best and that’s what TJ is. The only difference between TJ and Zasko is that Zasko likes his wagyu blue, while TJ prefers it rare – he wants it a little more cooked in the middle but with plenty of blood though.

Anyway I am asking you for some ideas as I am going to the pet store tomorrow – what toys should I buy TJ? A life size blow up Mike Matusow doll? Balls, treats – what would you like to see TJ playing with during the 100k event? My head?


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