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What a week it’s been in London! I didn’t even recover from the WPT London, I jumped straight into the World Open to work my multi-tasking magic.

Interviews, pictures, being an absolute tweet machine, according to Andrew Robl, who won the Heat 2, actually and before I know it, got so close to fulfilling my Triple Crown dream.

Last week I spoke to Phil Ivey and got some good predictions on future of poker and why he loves London and was happy to hear people enjoyed the clip.

Two days ago I was goofing around Twitter when Pete Jetten and Tom “durrrr” Dwan came over and we spent 3 hours railing Justin Smith playing the WPT High Roller and watching ridiculous not so politically correct clips.

Tom “durrrr” Dwan on jungleman12 and much more

Since Tom Dwan couldn’t resist and had to pull a fake high five on me, he owed me one. Or at least I said so :) Anyhow, the hangout lead to an interview the following day – even though he busted from the Heat 2 and it was a pretty bad beat, he was in ok mood – spoke to me about the jungleman12 and when he is going to play Jungleman again, what he gets out of the game and whats the plan for the WSOPE is.

I was also interested in Tom “durrrr” Dwan as a private person (it’s not like that, before u think, dirty minds!) so we talked about him before poker. Some find it surprising but he’s very chatty and open. Or maybe I have that effect with my never-ending babbling…?

Well, whatever it is, I got Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan…. once when Patrik Antonius says yes to me interviewing him – it will be my best players in the world Triple Crown :)


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