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So what’s your plan on Monday? That’s right. At 2:30 p.m. you’re going to be right here, watching the Big Game VII Iive stream and blog coverage. Let’s have another look at some of the player’s.

We’ve had Raul Mestre, we told you about Max Pescatori. Now let’s move on to the guy we all love. Or hate. At least it’s safe to assume that very few are indifferent when it comes to him. I’m talking about PartyPoker’s own Tony G.

What’s there to say about him? You probably heard it all, but most likely want to hear even more. One thing’s for sure: he’s a great addition to any game. I can’t recall a table with Tony G where there wasn’t at least a tiny bit of crazy action, a mini blow-up or at least some banter.

But don’t let yourself get fooled by all the craziness. Tony G is hard to beat. He has great gut instincts and likes to try out how far he can go in bullying his opponents. So if you’re looking for easy cash, better look elsewhere.

We’ve seen Tony G on several Big Game tables in the past and it has always been fun to have him there. Should there every be the risk of action slowing down or players (and viewers) getting bored, count on him to step it up a notch. Let’s look at some examples:


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