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We arrived at the Casino Barcelona and are ready for some Big Game Action. The stage is set, the production crew is busy and in a couple of hours players will take their seats.

While we’re waiting, let’s have another look at some of the players attending this Big Game VII. We already covered Raul Mestre, Max Pescatori, Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates and Tony G.

The Big Game VII starts around 2:30 p.m., the live stream will be up shortly after (you’ll find it here on the blog). We’re looking forward to see 12 consecutive hours of great poker.

If you watched previous Big Game seasons, you probably remember Alec Torelli. He’s following the high stakes action around the world and has made regular appearances at the Big Game tables. He wasn’t among the winners last year in Vienna (when Phil Laak made a huge profit in his 24h-marathon-session), but left a lasting impression with his game.

He seems to have that extra bit determination to make the best decision at any given moment. While that doesn’t always involve holding the best hand you can see him outplaying his opponents in the toughest spots. Most likely he’s going to sit at the table for the whole12 hours.


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