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Monday, 8th of April. Mark the date! At 4 p.m. The Big Game starts it’s 7th season.

While we already know some of the players taking a seat at the 12 hour long $25/$50 cash game table in Barcelona, others will join the game unannounced (by the way: we expect the stakes to be much higher than the initial blinds would suggest).

Let’s have a closer look at them. While some don’t need a big introduction, others might have slipped under your radar.

Raul Mestre

One of those could be Raul Mestre. He was one of the players to emerge from the online poker boom a couple of years ago. But he wasn’t just a random appearance like many others. He kept winning consistantly and built up reputation (and probably a nice bankroll) along the way.

His live tournament success dates back to 2006, but it probably took until 2011 for the wider audience to get to know him. Winning the IFP “The Table” Championship (in a thrilling heads up battle against Vicky Coren ), he was in the spotlight as IFP World Champion.

There’s not much information to be found about his success at cash games. Well, look at it like this: as creator and founder of EducaPoker (a renowned Spanish poker school), he’s constantly analyzing his game and poker as a whole. If you’re Spanish is good enough, have a look at his blog (Raul Mestre Blog).

Raul Mestre

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