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Monday, 8th of April. Mark the date! At 4 p.m. The Big Game starts it’s 7th season.

After introducing Raul Mestre as one of the attending players, let’s have a look at one of the other five confirmed contestants.

One of the players you most likely heard about before is Max Pescatori. Little has to be said about The Italian Pirate. Let’s just mention the two WSOP Bracelets he owns. As others at this Big Game table, he’s mostly known for Tournament Poker. It will be interesting to see how he changes his game at a cash table.

In case you didn’t hear it before: “Pescatori” is actually Italian for “Fishermen”. While that might be a wonderfully suiting coincidence a lot of times, he wouldn’t find much to catch at the Big Game if “Fishing” would be his only strength.

We’ll finally see Tony G and Max Pescatori back at the same table. There has been some rivalry between the two of them in the past. While things seem to have calmed down, we might have found some kindle here. And we all know how little it can take to set Tony G on fire.


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