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In November, you can join the World Poker Tour for another large field tournament at a wonderful property for a fraction of the cost. I’m talking about the £1 million guaranteed WPT 500 at Dusk Till Dawn!

Here’s How To Tackle It…

I’m really excited about the WPT 500 and I’m going to discuss how to tackle it. With six different starting flights (maximum of one entry per flight) you certainly have plenty of opportunities to run it up in this event. You start with 15,000 in chips and 30 minute levels which increases to 40 minutes after level 8 and 60 minutes at the final table. This gives you plenty of play early on starting with 300 big blinds while also keeping a good pace to get you through the event without an extensive time commitment and increases the length of the levels when it matters most.

To Start With…

Pro Tip: Players tend to gamble in early levels of multi-starting re-entry days such as the WPT 500. This could be a great place to make some big hands and chip up heading into the middle stages of the tournament.

Early on you will be sitting pretty deep and you can play how you are comfortable, weather that be playing few or many hands. You will be able to afford to make a couple mistakes while the blinds are small, as well as see your fair share of flops.

However, don’t try to risk to much to win a little. Often times in multi starting day re entry events like this, many people are willing to gamble it up in the early levels knowing that they can fire again in a subsequent day.

So you can either sit back and try and make some big hands and get paid off while hopefully chipping up nicely as you approach the middle stages of the tournament, or you can get in there and mix it up and take some chances if that’s your M.O.

Then Later On…

As the blinds start to get up there in the evening, the average stacks will start to get a lot shallower and more and more large all in confrontations will start to occur. Don’t play passive at this point but stay on the offensive! Make your opponent make a decision for all his chips.

As the day continues, I would recommend a “tight aggressive” playing style. This means that you should play few hands, but the hands that you do play should be played aggressively.

Most importantly this is meant to be a very fun event that’s a little different format than regular WPT events. I look forward to seeing you at the final table!

Pokerfest Is Set to Return

If the recent $500K Guaranteed gave you the taste for huge payouts then you should be tingling with excitement to know that the Pokerfest returns in mid-October. Featuring 76 events, including a $300,000 guaranteed Main Event, this instalment of Pokerfest looks set to be the biggest, best and richest that we have ever run!

Last Chance to Win Your Way to the Darts Grand Prix in Dublin

Love darts and poker? Then you need to get involved in the latter stages of our amazing promotion that could see you heading to Dublin with a weekend package to watch the PDC darts Grand Prix take place.All you need to do is play nine hands of fastforward poker on your mobile device and you’ll be entered into a freeroll on September 29. Win that freeroll and a darts package is all yours!

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