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This Sunday saw the eagerly anticipated $500K Guaranteed take place at partypoker and what a fantastic tournament it was. It will be fondly remembered by each of the 2,818 entrants for being such an exciting spectacle, but nobody will remember it in the same light as kabotajoe1 who was the man at the top of the chip counts when the tournament ended, a finish worth a cool $75,000!

The $200 buy-in tournament saw the first cards hit the virtual felt at 7:00 p.m on Sunday evening and it took almost 12 hours of intense poker action to whittle the 2,818-strong guarantee-busting crowd to the final table of nine.

Each of the nine finalists took their seats on centre stage knowing they had locked up over $6,000 for their efforts

$500K Guaranteed Final Table (September 21, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 CHAMOOONAAA 2,824,481
2 RonBarcelo77 781,901
3 Wathh 1,426,334
4 InNackenKacken 2,119,242
5 kabotajoe1 2,913,544
6 blondebigboobs 2,913,544
7 ineedsheet 1,039,645
8 dero12 753,716
9 mauze09 921,171

The nine finalists locked horns for 24 hands before one of them fell by the wayside with their dreams shattered.

Blinds were 30,000/60,000/6,000a and RonBarcelo77 opened from the button with a raise to 120,000. Next to act, in the small blind, was Wathh who looked down at and decided to re-raise all-in for 877,056 in total. The big blind folded, but RonBarcelo77 called with the to put his all-in opponent at risk of elimination.

The flop was of no help to Wathh and neither was the on the turn. The river had to be an eight or seven otherwise Wathh’s tournament was over and done with. It wasn’t one of those cards, instead it was the and with that Wathh was gone.

Seventeen hands later, mauze09 got his timing wrong when he decided to open-shove for 1,228,171 chips from the hijack seat with . His timing was off because CHAMOOONAAA was sat in the next seat along with . CHAMOOONAAA re-raised all-in and when the other active player folded, the five community cards fell to send mauze09 to the rail.

Mauze09’s exit meant the surviving players each locked up a five-figure score, not bad at all for a $200 investment.

The first of the remaining seven players to collect five-figures was InNackenKacken who clashed with kabotajoe1 in a battle of the blinds.

When the action passed around to InNackenKacken in the small blind, he raised all-in for 1,442,318 chips (blinds 40,000/80,000/8,000a) with what turned out to be and kabotajoe1 looked him up with the dominating . A flop improved kabotajoe1’s hand, but gave InNackenKacken four outs to an inside straight draw. The turn was a total blank, as was the river and InNackKacken exited with $11,793.33 to show for his efforts.

Next to bust – only two hands after InNackenKacken crashed out — was the colourfully-named blondebigboobs, again after some blind-on-blind action. From the small blind, blondebigboobs jammed all-in for 843,828 with and ineedsheet snap-called with . A few seconds later, the board was in view and the tournament lost another of its players.

Despite helping himself to blondebiigboobs’ chips, ineedsheet was the next to head for the exits.

Having lost with versus the of RonCarcelo77 – the board flour flushed with diamonds – ineedsheet three-bet all-in for 837,769 from the big blind after RonBarcelo77 had opened to 160,000 from the button. RonBarcelo77 called, showed and when the board ran , ineedsheet’s were worthless.

After four hands of four-handed play, CHAMOOONAAA commented “sick payouts” to which kabotajoe1 replied “we can look at numbers,” yet no deal was agreed on until 61 hands later.

When the tournament was eventually paused, kabotajoe1 had 5,252,159 chips, followed by RonBarcelo77 (3,408,293), CHAMOOONAAA (3,328,676) and dero12 (2,100,962).

After a brief discussion, the foursome agreed to split the rest of the prize pool as shown in the table below, and thanks to having the largest stack when the deal was agreed, kabotajoe1 goes down in the partypoker history books as the player who won the latest edition of the $500K Guaranteed!

$500K Guaranteed Final Table Results (September 21, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 kabotajoe1 $75,000*
2 RonBarcelo77 $50,000*
3 CHAMOOONAAA $49,000*
4 dero12 $39,330.42*
5 ineedsheet $19,655.55
6 blondebigboobs $15,200.29
7 InNackenKacken $11,793.33
8 mauze09 $8,648.44
9 Wathh $6,080.11

*reflects a four-way deal

Congratulations to everyone who reached the money places and a thank you for making the $500K Guaranteed such an amazing event! The $200K Guaranteed returns on Sunday and we hope to see you all there when it kicks off!

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