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Ever wished that you’d lasted just one more place on the final table, and climbed that ladder one more rung for a better pay-out or a bigger prize? Well, in a brand new format of No Limit Hold’em tournament happening right now at partypoker, you might not have to! In our new Hit or Miss tournaments, the pressure builds all the way to the finish line.

What’s The Score?

In Hit or Miss tournaments every other payout is a “miss” that awards a ticket to a consolation prize tournament instead of cash. That means that the remaining payouts – the “Hits” – pay out more cash than in comparative tournaments. So you can win more but you have to avoid the additional payout pitfalls to do so.

Poker history is littered with some great examples of ‘Hit n Miss’ situations that either made or broke careers! Let’s look at some of the best…

Aces Hit On the River… By Aces!!!

Imagine buying into a $1 million tournament, in this case the 2014 ‘One Drop’ vent in Las Vegas, and losing with pocket aces. OK, now imagine, you hit by getting aces but missed like never before when your opponent four-flushes… and the money was in pre-flop!!

After some incredible speech play Cary Katz was the beneficiary and Connor Drinan the biggest loser in history as he walked away from the richest table in poker a stunned man. Antonio Esfandiari and Scott Siever even call it in!

Farha Hits The Hudson On A Boat!

Sammy Farha has the dream situation in the very first hand of the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas, getting all the chips in and winning with house-over-house as actress Goldie Hawn’s son Oliver Hudson wished he was anywhere but in Nevada!

All-in over the top of a raise with pocket tens on an A-A-T-Q board, Farha calls it off and ends Hudson’s hopes with A-T and is the first player in the room to get to 20,000 chips! Talk about a double-hit! And a big miss for Hudson, who bows out earlier than anyone in history.

Royal Flush beats Quad Aces!

Justin Phillips vs Motoyuki Mabuchi is one of the best showdown hands in poker legend. With the TV cameras following Ray Romano to one of the outer tables at the WSOP, they catch possibly the sickest beat in the game, when Mabuchi hits the ace of diamonds for quad aces on the river and shoves all-in.

Justin Phillips snap-calls, of course, and turns over a royal flush to lead to amazement from Mabuchi and then the table as he slams down pocket aces for beaten quads. Phillips actually gives the cameras the longest ‘Wow’ ever recorded…and the dealer gets a sweaty hug from a man in a vest – everybody* is happy!

*Not Mabuchi. He’s crushed. He walks away ready to tell the bad beat of the century.

Decker Hits the Deck!

Talk about a ‘Double Decker’! Roy Decker hits the WPT deck full in the face as he flops quad jacks!! He’s one of the coolest men in poker, we’d have been dancing on the table here, but Roy is cool as ice after getting some value on the river.

Daniel Negreanu Finds A Fold After Hitting Then Missing!

‘Kid Poker’ is involved in a three-way pot at the World Series as he hits the flop when his 8-9 find 5-6-7 for the nut straight. Sammy Farha has the flush draw, and calls on the turn as Daniel pushed the other player out to get heads-up to the river…where the flush draw comes in for Farha.
Somehow, Negreanu finds the fold and throws away his hand after Sammy hit the river. Farha can’t believe that he doesn’t get paid!

Check Out The Hit or Miss schedule

Check out the schedule below, as well as details for each tournament in the poker lobby, including exact payouts and prize pool information.

Buy-in Frequency Time (ET) Guarantee Consolation freeroll Weekly freeroll time
$1 Daily 13:05 $500 $250 Sunday at 14:00ET
$1 Daily 20:55 $250 $250 Sunday at 14:00ET
$5 Daily 13:55 $1,000 $500 Sunday at 14:30ET
$5 Daily 20:05 $500 $500 Sunday at 14:30ET
$10 Daily 14:05 $2,000 $1,000 Sunday at 15:00ET
$10 Daily 18:05 $1,000 $1,000 Sunday at 15:00ET

The only place to play this innovative new tournament format is here at partypoker. We hope to see you at the final table!

Pokerfest Is Set to Return

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