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It goes without saying that the best poker players in the world are often the most aggressive. By that we don’t mean they go around slamming their fists on the table or yelling in the faces of their opponent — although some possibly do — because we’re talking about aggression in the betting and raising sense.

One way to increase your aggression is to three-bet your opponents preflop, that is when they raise you put in a re-raise or three-bet. Three-betting has many advantages, but before you go around re-raising everyone who puts in an opening raise, you should watch this excellent video by Josef Rantamaki.

Josef explains three-betting in detail, highlights some important considerations to make before putting in that three-bet and even gives you a range of hands that are perfect for three-betting certain players from specific positions at the table.

Improve Your Game With Out Free Strategy Videos and Articles

Josef has created a number of videos and strategy articles for partypoker customers and the have all been extremely well received. If you enjoyed this particular video, then be sure to watch The Ultimate Guide to Preflop Opening Ranges. Also, feast your eyes on some of Josef’s other work on subjects such as bet sizing and beating various different player types.

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