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In his first online poker training video for partypoker, Josef Rantamaki targeted Loose-Aggressive (LAG) poker players and gave you the tools to identify them at the partypoker tables and how to beat them

Josef has been extra busy since that well-received video went public and has since wrote the Ultimate Guide to Hand Ranges and produced two more fantastic videos that will help you to take on and defeat Tight-Passive (TP) and Loose-Passive (LP) players.

Want to know how to identify and then beat tight-passive players? Then this is the video for you!

Keep coming unstuck against loose-passive players? Let Josef guide you down the path to beating these frustrating foes.

No Passive Players in the Premier League

Check out the action-packed partypoker Premier League 7 where you will see aggressive, not passive, poker at its best.

Win Big in our superb Sunday Majors!

Every week you have the chance to win big in our excellent Sunday Majors. Some of our biggest, richest and most exciting tournaments run every Sunday including an action-packed fun $10K Super Bounty and a wide range of low buy-in tournaments featuring speed, rebuy, add-on and PLO tournaments – a great Sunday mix if you want to win top prizes and have fun playing tournament poker.

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