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One of the aspects of poker that makes it appealing to the masses is the fact you can play the game how you like. As long as you play within the rules, you can play whatever starting poker hands you wish and can play them however takes your fancy.

A common style of play is that of the Loose Aggressive player or LAG as they are often abbreviated to. LAGs like to play a wide range of hands that include weaker holdings than your typical opponent and like to play hands aggressively by raising and bluffing whenever they sense an opponent is weak.

Good LAG players can be difficult to play against, but playing a LAG style well is a difficult task and one that few players manage to master fully. Even if a player is a solid LAG, they are often exploitable if you approach them properly, which is what this video by Josef Rantamaki shows you how to do.

In the video, Rantamaki gives you the skills to identify LAG players at the partypoker tables, how to approach LAG players and how to combat them.

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  1. What an awful video. He limps and your calling him a LAG? Are you pissed? Its very clear the guy is a massive fish judging by his play. The video should be called How to get the nuts against a fish and win. Pathetic video. PartyPoker you are better than this.