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What would you spend $19,190.21 on if you were given the chance? Would you purchase a new car or book a lavish holiday for you and your loved ones, or would you reinvest it into your partypoker bankroll?

You may be asking yourself why the partypoker blog is talking about such a specific sum of money, it is because that amount is exactly what we deposited into Canada’s SSSMfor_life’s account after he won the $100K Guaranteed Sunday tournament, becoming the latest partypoker player to be crowned a Sunday Major champion!

SSSMfor_life was one of 724 players who exchanged $200 for the 5,000 tournament chips and the chance to lay for a share of a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000, which ended up being a much more substantial $134,664 by the time the late registration period ended.

Are you interested in how SSSMfor_life turned a small $200 investment into over $19,000? Of course you are, so let us take you through the action at the final table where each of the nine players had already secured a $1,413.97 payout for their efforts and were only eight eliminations away from winning the $100K Guaranteed Sunday Major.

partypoker $100K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw (July 13, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 Mahoney 382,246
2 SSSMfor_life 601,573
3 Partyphone37 322,497
4 VancGrizz68 699,707
5 pokpokmh 234,763
6 suk12cz 791,620
7 Abraaaa 50,008
8 Limpsson555 229,205
9 legia89 308,301

Abraaaa sat down at the nine-handed final table as the shortest stack and in desperate need to score a double-up to stay in contention for the title. Sadly for Abraaaa, that much-needed doubled never materialised and he became the final table’s first casualty.

Twelve hands into the final table proceedings, Abraaaa was sat in early position armed with only 12,088 chips at the 5,000/10,000/1,000a blind level. Abraaaa moved all-in for those 12,088 chips with and the action passed around to SSSMfor_life in the cutoff seat. He raised to 29,998 with and the button and blinds folded.

The flop was of no help to Abraaaa and neither was the turn because it improved SSSMfor_life to a straight and gave him a redraw to a hear flush. The river needed to be a non-heart king in order for Abraaaa to stay in the tournament, but the river was the and Abraaaa crashed out in ninth place.

Eighth place went to Mahoney some 25 hands after Abraaaa’s demise. The action folded around to legia89 in the small blind and he set Mahoney all-in for his 12.5 big blind stack. Mahoney called off his 150,546 chips with and discovered he was a slight favourite over legai89’s . That fact only remained true until the flop came into view and when the turn and river fell and it was game over for Mahoney and everyone else received a nice jump up the payout ladder.

The remaining seven players battled in fine spirits for 55 hands before one of tournament poker’s many coinflip claimed the tournament life of Partyphone37.

By this time the blinds had risen to 10,000/20,000/2,000a and there was a raise to 40,000 from Limpsson555 under the gun. The next two players folded, but Partyphone37 re-raised all-in for 313,723 in total from the cutoff. VancGrizz68 was on the button and he moved all-in for 350,348 in total. Both blinds folded, as did Limpsson555, and the cards of the all-in players revealed.


VancGrizz68 held a slender advantage preflop, one that increased dramatically when the flop landed on the virtual felt. The on the turn was safe for VancGrizz68, as was the on the river. Partyphone37 busted in seventh place for $2,181.55 and the prizes still to be claimed continued to grow.

It was another coinflip that sent legia89 to the sidelines as the clock in the partypoker lobby approached 05:00 PDT. Legia89 raised all-in for 119,668 chip from early position, a raise that looked set to win the ample blinds and antes. That was until suk12cz decided to call in the big blind with to put legia89, and his at risk of elimination.

The flop propelled suk12cz into an early lead and left legia89 needing to hit one of the remaining two eights in the deck or running diamonds for a flush. The on the turn took away those flush outs and the on fifth street was of no help at all for legai89, who was eliminated in sixth place, a finish good for $2,827.94.

Sixty hands later and suk12cz became the fifth place finish after running into a pair of kings after an untimely all-in bet. With the blinds at 15,000/30,000/3,000a, suk12cz moved all-in for 442,644 from under the gun and the action folded quickly to pokpokmh on the big blind. The only thing faster than the action folding to pokpokmh was pokpokmh’s call, which was made with the monster hand that is .

Those kings were up against suk12cz’s and when the five community cards ran a clean suk12cz’s tournament came to an abrupt end, but at least he had a bankroll-boosting $3,972.58 in prize money to show for his valiant efforts.

The four remaining players locked horns for almost 60 hands and it was astonishing that none of them were eliminated earlier. Each of the four players played exciting and action-packed poker, with plenty of hands going to showdown, but no exits taking place. There was an exit on the 57th hand of four-handed play when Limpsson555 min-raised to 80,000 and then called when VancGrizz68 three-bet all-in from the big blind for 292,384 chips.

It was the of Limpsson555 versus the dominated of VancGrizz68. A flop reading improved both players to a pair of aces, although Limpsson555 was still ahead thanks to his stronger kicker. A third club, the , became the turn card and meant that VancGrizz68 could now catch a five or club to double through Limpsson555. The river was the , which not only missed VancGrizz68 completed, but also ensured that Limpsson555’s seven-kicker came into play. Game over for VancGrizz68 who took home a cool $5,386.56 for his fourth place finish.

Limpsson555 couldn’t put the chips of VancGrizz68 to good use and he fell in third place some 16 hands later, despite being the overall chip leader when three-handed play began.

Having lost all but 10 big blinds of his stack when his pocket nines couldn’t get there against SSSMfor_life’s pair of jacks, Limpsson555 was on the back foot and in need of chips. SSSMfor_life held almost 2.5 million chips and had begun setting his short-stacked opponents all-in preflop whenever he had the opportunity.

Once such opportunity came when SSSMfor_life was first to act on the button with . He moved all-in, pokpokmh folded in the small blind and Limpsson555 called off his 495,304 stack with . Neither player improved their starting hand on the board, but SSSMfor_life didn’t need to because his ace-high was already the best hand of the two. With that, Limpsson555 was eliminated in third place and collected $7,137.19.

After sending Limpsson555 to the exits, SSSMfor_life held a substantial 3,022,488 to 587,512 chip lead over pokpokmh, a lead made stronger by the fact the blinds were now 25,000/50,000/5,000a.

Seven hands in and the contest was over. Pokpokmh raised to 130,000 and then called when SSSMfor_life set him all-in. The in the hand of pokpokmh was ahead of the of SSSMfor_life preflop, yet couldn’t stay that way when the first three community cards ran . The on the turn meant pokpokmh could not pair his ace because an ace on the river would improve SSSMfor_life to a straight. The river was not an ace, it was the , one of the many cards that kept SSSMfor_life’s hand best, one that sent pokpokmh to the rail and one that added an impressive $19,190.21 to the account of the tournament’s champion SSSMfor_life!

partypoker $100K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (July 13, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 SSSMfor_life $19,190.21
2 pokpokmh $11,917.76
3 Limpsson555 $7,137.19
4 VancGrizz68 $5,386.56
5 suk12cz $3,972.58
6 legia89 $2,827.94
7 Partyphone37 $2,181.55
8 Mahoney $1,683.30
9 Abraaaa $1,413.97

The prizes for Sunday 20th July’s tournament will be even larger thanks to the guaranteed prize pool being doubled to an eye-popping $200,000 – that’s twice the amount on offer this weekend. If you want to play in the $200K Guaranteed Sunday tournament simply buy in directly for $200 or try to win your seat cheaply via one of the many qualifiers and satellites that are currently running in the partypoker lobby.

We hope to see you at the final table, good luck!

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