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We predicted that Alex Foxen would find himself in the winner’s enclosure again before the High Roller Club concluded after he triumphed in two events on the same day. Our predictions came true on June 25 when the ridiculously talented grinder took down another $10,300 buy-in event.

High Roller Club: Main Event $400K Gtd

Foxen’s latest impressive victory came in the $10,300 buy-in Main Event that had $400,000 guaranteed but the 42-strong crowd meant $420,000 was awarded.

Only the top six finishers walked away with a return on their investment, with Netherlands’ Luuk Gieles being the last player to miss out on some cash.

Swedish legend Niklas Astedt was eliminated in sixth place at the hands of fellow Swede Viktor Blom. Astedt min-raised to 500,000 with under the gun, Blom three-bet to 1,425,000 from the next seat along with and Astedt jammed for 7,218,506. Blom called. Blom flopped top set and improved to an unbeatable full house on the turn to send Astedt to the showers.

Mike Watson crashed out to Blom on the very next hand. He min-raised on the button with and called when Blom three-bet all-in from the big blind with the dominating . Neither player improved, but Blom didn’t need to. Game over for Watson in fifth place, a finish worth $29,400.

Foxen Bolsters His Stack By Busting Malinowski

Foxen revealed Blom of his executioner duties by busting Wiktor Malinowski. Foxen limped in from the small blind with , Malinowski raised to 875,000 in the big blind with and Foxen tanked before making it 8,125,000 to go, which covered Malinowski’s stack. Malinowski called it off and the five community cards fell gifting Foxen top pair then a flush to reduce the player count by one.

Three-handed play lasted more than half an hour and ended with the exit of Alexandros Kolonias. The former WSOP Europe Main Event champion min-raised to 700,000 from the button with before calling off his 6,418,332 chips when Foxen set him all-in with . It was Foxen’s lucky day because the Poker Gods rewarded him with a trey on the flop. His set held, Kolonias busted in third and heads-up was set.

Foxen went into the one-on-one battle with heads-up specialist Blom slightly trailing in chips with 20,774,175 to Blom’s 21,225,825.

Blom initially pulled into a three-to-one chip lead but Foxen reversed that back in his favour. The final hand took place at the 200,000/400,000/50,000a level and started with a min-raise to 800,000 from Blom with and Foxen called with . A flop reading saw Foxen check and Blom test the waters with an 800,000 bet and Foxen called. The turn brought , which completed Foxen’s Broadway straight and he checked his monster hand. Blom bet another 2,000,000 into the 3,300,000 pot and Foxen called.

The river completed the board and Foxen checked for a third time. Blom took the bait and jammed all-in for 6,075,415, which Foxen snapped off. Blom fell in second-place and won $105,000, leaving Foxen to pad his bankroll with the $159,600 top prize.

You can watch all of the action from the latter stages of this massive event by heading to our Twitch channel.

Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Alex Foxen Canada $159,600
2 Viktor Blom Sweden $105,000
3 Alexandros Kolonias Malta $67,200
4 Wiktor Malinowski Germany $37,800
5 Mike Watson Canada $29,400
6 Niklas Astedt Sweden $21,000

High Roller Club Leaderboard (As of June 24)

Foxen has done his chances of winning the High Roller Club leaderboard’s $30,000 top prize no harm at all. He now leads the chasing pack by 72 pointsand while that’s no an unassailable lead, the ball is firmly in Foxen’s court right now.

Here’s the current top 20 as it stands:

Place Player Points
1 Alex Foxen 1,012
2 Rok Gostisa 940
3 Luke Reeves 899
4 Teun Mulder 794
5 Thomas Muehloecker 725
6 Timothy Adams 715
7 Wiktor Malinowski 714
8 Preben Stokkan 677
9 Matthias Eibinger 660
10 Juan Pardo 655
11 Pascal Lefrancois 617
12 Artur Martirosian 613
13 Michael Addamo 549
14 Seri Reixach 516
15 Jans Arends 505
16 Giuseppe Iadisernia 494
17 Daniel Dvoress 494
18 Kristen Bicknell 492
19 Mark Davis 477
20 George Wolff 473

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