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A big hello from the new Tony G residence in Vegas.

I am all ready for the WSOP now – I relaxed and got my mind together at Canyon Ranch in Arizona and am now 100% ready for action.

The big news is that I have bought a house in Vegas from Patrik Antonius – apparently he has upgraded to bigger things!

One of the highlights of the house is the sauna – if it isn’t hot enough at 40 degrees outside I can crank it up to 60 degrees – it’s an old style European sauna – superb. As you know Patrik’s bankroll can fluctuate wildly but the plan is to pay it off slowly…

Want to see my new crib? I will post some pictures soon.

Been busy poking me on Facebook

Quite a few of you have asked about that encounter I had with the Miss USA’s at the Golden Nugget. I haven’t seen any of them since but they have been busy poking me on Facebook. Unfortunately for them, they did not get the result they expected. I didn’t bow to their wishes to give them the guiding hand of Tony G to help ease them through the pain of not being successful. I’m sorry girls….

As for the World Series, I am as ready as I will ever be. I saw that over 81,000 of you took part in the first week of the WSOP For Life promotion – I think it is a great idea. All I can say is I played my first WSOP Main Event in 2005 and would love to play in it for the rest of my life courtesy of

Why didn’t I know about this promotion when I joined Team Otherwise, I definitely would have added it to the contract, just like I added the addition of personal concierge Jesse at the Aussie Millions!

Pension time is around the corner

I am thinking about success at the WSOP but the fire inside me will not be as strong as that inside Phil Hellmuth – it’s do or die time for the Poker Brat. I actually met his counsellor recently and am glad he is getting help – I wish him all the best with getting over his psychological issues.

I crushed him again in the recent big televised cash game in Vegas and he was devastated. He is set for a tough World Series – he has to recover from his slump. Forget bike time it could be that pension time is around the corner for Mr Hellmuth…


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  1. Lee ' The Gay Bernard Manning' Ness on

    You Rock, Mr G. I am a fattish 38 year old poker playing chef from Scotland… The land or braveheard.. I have the heart. Do you need a pool boy/Chef Slave? What I have lost in looks I make up for in hard work…

    I’ve often fantasided about working in the back of Patricks Crib!

    To stake a gay would be cool for you image…..

    Love ya G.