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Tony G, his concierge and the bike

Australia Day is coming to a close and what a day it has been. In fact, what a few days it has been!

Part of my deal with PartyPoker is that for some major events I will have my own personal concierge and Jessie has been at my beck and call 24 hours a day since the weekend. When we sat down and negotiated this, the guys at didn’t think I was being serious and laughed – I kept bringing it up, they kept laughing it off but eventually I got my own way. What a contract I have signed!

Even Julius Caesar didn’t have his own personal concierge

I know top VIP players in Party’s VIP scheme get a top notch concierge service but let me say – it has to be nothing compared to what the G gets. The personal concierge could just be the best thing about this deal! I cannot believe that buckled to this in the end! Phil Hellmuth eat your heart out – even Julius Caesar didn’t have his own personal concierge and I don’t get to look ridiculous like Hellmuth does.

Anyway, since the introduction of my exclusive concierge things have been going really well. I made my money back in the $100k buy-in event by reaching the final table and finishing fifth and I had a lot of fun sending opponents on their bikes!

Talking of the bike, it is a top of the range mountain bike – I am hoping now that a bike manufacturer comes in with an offer of sponsorship! I arrived for the $100k buy-in event on my bike with Jessie my personal concierge and her glamorous assistant and really should have not needed to ride it out but got unlucky in a few marginal situations.

Bike time for Durrrr and Howard Lederer

I bust Howard Lederer on the final table and chased him out of the televised table area on the bike. I have huge respect for Howard but he has to know when it is bike time! It was also great to bust Tom Dwan – I desperately tried to get Durrrr to ride the bike away from the table but he was having none of it. All the money went in and I had the best of it with my KQ offsuit – Tom had Q10 offsuit. A queen on the flop meant it was bike time for Durrrr. Tom doesn’t need a bike he needs a trike!

Talking of another person who needs a trike it brings me on to Luke ‘FullFlush’ Schwartz. I heard he said the following about me:

‘I heard what Tony G had to say and it’s just LOLZ all round. I know I like to chat sh@t but I think most people who know me agree I will destroy that joker at the table’

Luke, most people who know you don’t say the same. I will bring my bike to Vegas for the Premier League to mark the departures of the experienced players who have put in time and effort into learning about the game.

For you, I will bring a trike – you aren’t off stabilizers yet mate! You will need three wheels to keep firmly on the ground. You have a lot to learn about heart and commitment to the game. I think I paid you a compliment by saying that you were the new Devilfish – the Fish has the game to back up the mouth.

Frequent updates from Nadal versus Murray

Today I arrived for Day 1C of the Aussie Millions Main Event with the glamorous Jessie on board – she’s brought me coffee, refreshments and frequent updates from Nadal versus Murray. I would like to thank all the fantastic people at Crown Casino for their fantastic hospitality and for allowing me to cycle on the premises. Most of all I would like to thank Jessie….

How about I come in on a Harley next time? Perhaps I can give Kara Scott a lift on the back of it?

As I write I have just finished and sit sixth in chips. The team at PokerNews are live reporting. Keep up with the action through the eyes of these fantastic live reporters and Happy Australia Day!

I’m now off to jump into the cash game here. I have the bike and Durrrr has promised to ride it out if I bust him!

For several exclusive pictures of Tony G and his personal concierge, check out the PartyPoker Facebook page.



  1. Hello & Congrats Tony,,

    You have done & stil doing a lot for the game and the entertainment,,

    I wouldnt mind to get outplayed or outflopped by you @ any time,, & send away 2 ride a bike,, I m from the land of Bikes as you know,,& that wouldnt be the first time,,lol
    Nice to read yr stuf and the way you speak about it,,its funn.{treu or not }
    Your game is complete from the OLD & New scool,,& one,s on yr way,, hard 2 stop, since the CCC in Vienna time you have become a better and better educated person & love to hear yr going to be arround a lot,,
    I respectfully can say that I enjoin yr gameshow,,,when ever it come s around,,as a pokerpro from pokerstars,,,txs for living up the Pokerscene & industrie. {; all the best. {; Marcel
    Players meet so, we will soon aswell,
    keep up the good work,,