Day two is finished and we have 83 players surviving to day 3. The following Party players are through. Due to organisers stopping the tourney earlier than initially announced we can only get an approximate chip count at this stage:

Frederik Jensen $300,000

Thomas Markussen $120,000
Andreas Johansson $196,500
David Scherzer $100,000
Christoph Urbach $120,000
Martyn Thomson $100,000

A detailed chip count will come as soon we get the offical list.

More to follow

19:30. And it’s time for the dinner break and the Party Players look healthy. Due to spelling errors we missed two players from this mornings update, they are now included. Current chip count for the Party Players are as follows:

Frederik Brink Jensen $155,000

Frederik Brink Jensen

David Scherzer $121,000

David Scherzer

David Scherzer

Christoph Urbach $102,700

Thomas Markussen $102,400

Martin Thomson $85,100

Christian Hoschutzky $82,000



Andreas Johansson $82,400

Jamie Glazier $82,100

Jamie Glacier

Jamie Glacier

Lasse Steffensen $42,300

Daniel Drescher$23,000

17:40 Bodo is out after a race between AK vs 33. Nothing close to an A or a K and Bodo leaves for the rails. Sam Capa was also busted out when his pocket 8’s couldn’t hold up against AK.



Sam Capa on the rails

Sam Capa on the rails

15:24. Tony G is on his bike!  After a terrible start of the day for the big stacked Tony G it only got worse. First Tony G took a big hit with QQ vs KK. He took another hit with AQ vs. 66 and the almost final straw was A10 vs. 22. Tony got on his bike just to find out that he actually had $1000 chips left which will equal one big blind. Tony made a comeback after first double up then followed by a triple up to $6,000. But in the end he was busted with 92 vs AQ.

TonyG leaves on his bike

TonyG leaves on his bike

Stay posted for more updates

12:30. 270 players out of a starting field of 746 made it to the second day. The total prizepool came to 7,460,000 with a GTD price of $2,000,000 to the winner. Party Poker qualifiers did a great job and we have 21 players out of a 46 going through. Their starting stack for todays play is:

David Scherzer $94,700

Andreas Johansson $87,900

Jamie Glazier $84,100

Tony G $79,400

Daniel Drescher $74,500

Tony Keomany $73,800

Bodo Sbrzesny $57,300

Thomas Markussen $47,800

Felix Lamvertz $44,700

Sam Capra $40,600

Michael Clees  $37,500

Christoph Urbach $35,700

Christian Hoschutzky $34,100

Severin Walser $33,600

Thomas Markussen  $27,000

Lasse Steffensen $19,300

Gary Hicken $19,400

Jorgen Kjerkol $18,600

Florian Grund $14,500

Tyron Krost $12,300

Claudio Barbieri $10,700

Stand by for more updates from day two


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