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It’s funny to think that before I won the Aussie Millions, my intention for this year was to go backpacking through Europe.

I’d done the research, had outlined my itinerary and just needed to send through payment while I was playing the main event to confirm flights.

An uncancellable round the world ticket

I was planning on calling my travel agent with payment details while I was over in Melbourne at Crown, but for whatever reason I decided to hold off till after the tournament. I suppose that’s lucky or I’d have an uncancellable round the world ticket.

A lot of my mates had the same idea, and luckily our paths crossed and I had the chance to meet up with them in Granada over the past few days. It was kind of like seeing how my year would’ve been in a parallel universe; where I didn’t win crucial coin flips at least. We had a lot of fun and I learnt a thing or two about hostel life, but it’s hard to focus on much when I’m so pumped for the WSOP in a week.

Make sure to play the main event at least once

I’ve only been once before, in 2008, and I arrived towards the end of the series. I cashed in a couple of events though – including the main event – and without a doubt it’s the most exhilarating place to play poker. Especially the main event.  Every serious poker player needs to make sure that they play the main event at least once.

This year, I can’t wait to get there. Right now I’m somewhere in Spain and although the hotel has a free mini bar (yip free) and I’ve found a soft spot for tapas, I’m hungry to play some poker.

When I play too much I become a bit of a robot

I’ve played only a few online poker sessions and about 6 live tournaments, with not much success, and I want to put myself to the test. I know the WSOP is only a handful of tournaments that is entirely possible to run bad through, but on the other hand there’s no other time where you have so many big live tournaments in a row.

Often, when I play too much I become a bit of a robot. I always feel like I play my best when I have to think through and analyse every decision. It’s way more draining that way, but works best for me. In that sense, it’s probably a good thing that I haven’t played much poker since January.

For anyone interested in how I’m doing, I’m going to post plenty of updates to Twitter and Facebook and will do my best to keep a regular blog. I can’t wait!


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