Over the last few weeks we’ve been giving you lot’s of good advice about how to improve your poker game, from “changing gears” to “playing your position well” and of course those darn “calling stations” Now we’re talking about instincts in Poker:

Trusting Your Instincts

Tip No1 – In golf, you have to trust your swing. In poker, you need to trust your instincts and have enough heart to follow through with them.

Tip No2 – Part of instinct is getting a feel for the game. To win at poker, you must have enough heart to take risks based on your feel for the game.

Tip No3 – There’s a saying in poker: “Think long and think wrong”. Sometimes you can take too much time and outthink yourself.

Tip No4 – My advice is when in doubt as to what to do, go with your first instinct.

Time To Get On Your A Game Today

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