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Mike Sexton – 6 Tips About “Learning To Play Your Position Well In Poker”

In poker they say position is everything. So what is it? Well it’s where a player is seated in relation to the dealer, therefore establishing that player’s place in the order of betting. Therefore certain positions have pro’s and cons to them.

Mike Sexton obviously know’s a fair bit about this and this weeks is all about how to make postion work for you. Last time around you might remember he talked about ‘Changing Gears In Poker’ and you can read those tips here.

Learn To Play Your Position Well

Tip No.1 The earlier your position, the stronger your hole cards should be.
Tip No.2 The later your position in poker, the more types of hands you can safely play.
Tip No.3 The reason for being cautious about the hands you play ‘up front’ is that everybody gets to act after you act.
Tip No.4 When you’re sitting in late position and nobody has raised in front of you, you should raise almost every time when a tight player is in the blinds.
Tip No.5 If you’re the first one to enter the pot, you’re better off to either raise the pot or throw your hand away.
Tip No.6 Generally, if you’re planning to call if somebody bets, you probably are far better off to make the first bet yourself.

Get On Your A Game Today

Find out more about the importance of position in poker in our how to play section and learn how to play poker easily.

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