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In poker when we talk about “changing gears” we’re talking about a player’s capability to alter how they’re play against a rival.

And so in this weeks lesson Mike thought he’d give you a few tips on how and when to change gears. Last time around you might remember he talked about Calling Stations and you can read those tips here.

Learn To Change Gears

1. Being able to change gears is a key to being successful at poker, especially when you’re playing No Limit Hold’em.
2. Changing gears means that you change your tempo, going from tight to loose and vice versa.
3. You have to play tight poker in certain situations, and then change to a faster gear by playing aggressively on other occasions.
4. The great poker players all know how to change gears. They know when it’s time to change from a tight strategy to a loose strategy, and when to go back.
5. Being able to vary your style of play and keep your opponents guessing is what separates average players from great players.
6. When you change gears, you make it tough for your opponent to put you on a hand.

Get On Your A Game Today

For more tips on how to improve your game or if you’re new to poker and want to get to grips with the rules of poker visit our how to play section!

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