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Mike Sexton, 8 poker tips

Mike’s back with even more top tips about how to crush it at the poker tables. Last week he touched on if you’re new to poker and you can read those 5 Tips here. This week we’re looking at how to really win at poker be it online or live poker. Ohh and by the way Kara Scott has some great tips about playing Live Poker you should read too.

Mike Sextons 8 Tips To Win At Poker

Tip No.1 The difference between winners and losers in poker is that winners bet most of the time and losers call most of the time.
Tip No.2 To be successful at poker, especially No Limit Hold’em, you need to be an aggressive player. You must take the lead in the pot.
Tip No.3 Winning players are able to fold a hand when they know they’re beaten. They don’t chase pots.”
Tip No.4 When you play poker, you are running a company and you are the Chief Financial Officer. Your job is to run the company in a profitable way.
Tip No.5 Winners possess certain character traits that separate them from losers. They are patient players who handle setbacks calmly.
Tip No.6 Good players usually determine which hands they play, as well as how they play them according to their position at the table.
Tip No.7 Discipline is your ace in the hole when it comes to playing consistently good poker. Don’t leave home without it.
Tip No.8 It’s sweet when you can take home the cash, but placing that trophy on the mantelpiece is the icing on the cake.

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