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Sunday proved to be a massive day for PokerFest III here on PartyPoker. As the PokerFest IIIParty kept on rockin’ we ran an incredible 6 Poker events with the highlight clearly being our $450,000 Guaranteed. Once again here’s a round up who won what in probably our largest chapter of the PokerFest-III events.

More Money…No Problems…

Event #31 Gtd:$350,000 – Game:NLH – Buy-in $215 Winner – luckyduck456
Event #32 Gtd:$2000 – Game:NLH – Buy-in 20 Points Winner – Griffin_uP
Event #33 Gtd:$75,000 – Game:NLH – Buy-in $108 Winner – IamSexy_IknowIt
Event #34 Gtd:$4,000 – Game:NLH – Buy-in $2 Winner – tomka17
Event #35 Gtd:$35,000 – Game:NLH – Buy-in $22 Winner – korjasef
Event #36 Gtd:$450,000 – Game:NLH – Buy-in $1060 Winner – luckyduck456

Yep you read that right, luckyduck456 not only won Event #31 taking home $67,000 he then went on to crush Event #36 pocketing an extra $110,000. Must be nice to have those kind of problems in life right?

Now Is The Time, Time To Get Your Name Up There!

Okay we are now officialy over half way down the poker-road known as PokerFestIII, have you got your name up there yet? Don’t worry if you didn’t there’s still lots more events to play in PokerFestIII! Now go check out the full PokerFestIII schedule right here on PartyPoker. And of course you need to make sure to let us know how you all get on by Liking us on Facebook and Following us on Twitter.


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