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If you’re new to the fantastic game of poker then one person you should be taking advice from is Mike Sexton. You’ll probably know him as the co-host of the World Poker Tour TV series with Vince Van Patten.

With a very unique manner and his ability to really bring poker alive to the masses Mike has probably single handedly got more people to take up the sport than anyone before or after him.

And so we thought it’d be fun to share his personal tips from over the years with us all. Here we’re going to highlight five tips for the beginner, stay tuned for more!


Mike Sextons 5 Tips For Beginners

Tip No.1 For people who are relatively new to the game, my recommendation is to just play solid poker rather than trying to make any fancy plays.

Tip No.2 If you’re new to poker, wait for good starting hands and play them straightforwardly.

Tip No.3 If you are an inexperienced player, you cannot be successful by playing a lot of pots. You simply have to fold a lot of hands in No Limit Hold’em.

Tip No.4 Don’t get cute with hands like A-3 offsuit, and try to impress everybody by gambling.

Tip No.5 Tom McEnvoy wrote in poker, “Your mission is to put yourself in a position to get lucky.”

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