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This week’s round-up features one truly OMG sick sick bluff from the master of bluffs Mr Scotty Nguyen, one crazy ‘can you be serious!’ All-In featuring Mr Cool Sam Farha and according to the ESPN guys some bad bad acting from the upcoming ‘The Monuments Men’ Hollywood star Matt Damon.

1 – Scotty Nguyen goes up against Humberto Brenes and proceeds to quite possibly pull off one of the sickest bluffs in poker history? Maybe not the sickest but it’s up there for sure.

2 – Sam Farha and actor Oliver Hudson (son of Kate Hudson) gets it in bad, ohh bad, oh so so bad…going All-In on their very first hand of the WSOP. Ok just so you know someone is going home $10,000 the lighter after this hand so who’s it going to be?

3 – Talking about horrible acting check this one out with Matt Damon in the 2009 WSOP Ante Up For Africa as he “creatively calls” with BFF Ben Affleck watching on, Highlights from Damon include – ‘The Jolt’ (No one noticed Matt honestly…) at 0:48 and the ‘Ohh gosh, darn it, I just dunno…this one’s a tough call’ move at 1:19. Still who didn’t watch Rounders and think….

Side-note and mini-brag: I was actually on the sidelines reporting on that event. Damon of course leaned over the rail and asked me for some tips and to grab a photo with me. However unfortunately at the last second Shane Warne (who’s famous for barging his way into our work) bowled his way into the shot as the Melbourne Herald Sun needed something for their morning edition. So if you can find it I maybe in there looking like this:

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