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Streamer Connect Achievements & badges

Join Streamer Connect for free, and you’ll have the chance to earn cool badges and more.

Streamer Connect Achievements

Complete special goals to unlock awesome badges which you can show off at the tables.

To see the latest Streamer Connect Achievements and find out what you could earn badges for, join Streamer Connect and then visit the Streamer Connect hub here.

Streamer Connect Badges

When you join Streamer Connect, you’ll unlock special badges. Here’s a bit more about what they mean:

  • Streamer Viewer badge: If you’re a Streamer Connect member, a special badge will let everyone know you’re part of the club.
  • Achievement Badges: As you unlock achievements which you can find in the Streamer Connect hub, you’ll start earning additional badges. All you need to do to earn your first badge is watch your favourite streamer for just one hour! As you progress, you might even get a shout-out from the pros!
  • Streamer Badge: When playing at any PartyPoker table, Streamer Connect members who are also streamers will have a special Streamer Badge displayed. This makes it easy for other players to spot that you’re a streamer, boosting the chances of viewers tuning into your stream!

Terms and Conditions 

By using Stream Connect to link your partypoker account to your Twitch account you agree to both the terms and conditions of use for your partypoker account (the “Terms”) and also the Twitch terms of service. You further agree to partypoker having access to and using details from your Twitch account as listed below as part of the service:

  • Username
  • Profile Picture
  • Twitch Handle
  • Streams Watched

partypoker is not responsible for any content available on Twitch.

We reserve the right to restrict your ability to connect your partypoker account or remove access altogether for whatever reason, including should your partypoker account be restricted either for safer gambling or any other reason pursuant to the Terms.

We are not obliged to provide Stream Connect and may remove this service at any point.

Any badges or other awards earned through using Stream Connect are of no monetary value.

You can find out more about Stream Connect here.

partypoker and the Entain Group are not affiliated to Twitch.