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Day 2 of the WPT Amneville €3200 + €300 Main Event  presented by at Seven Casino d’Amneville!

542 players have bought into the tournament. 54 players will be paid, the 54th will get 7,216€ and the top 3:

  1. 426,425 € + an entry to WPT World Championship at Bellagio (worth 25,000$)
  2. 229,613 € + an entry to the next WPT Paris (worth 10,000€)
  3. 161,550 €

PartyPoker has 22 qualifiers ready for the day 2. Three of them are entitled to an extra $1 million payout if they win the event and the current chip leader of these three is Per Linde who finished 3rd in WPT Paris.

WPT Amneville Day 2

WPT Amneville day 3 live updates.


End of day 2 chip counts (PartyPoker qualifiers in bold):

  2. CORNEL TYLER 769000
  3. BOUJENAH ILAN 743000
  4. PASQUALINI Jean Paul 708000
  5. TOUIL Fabrice 666000
  6. NITSCHE dominik 631000
  7. SOARES VICTOR 580000
  8. LEGATH PHILIP 578000
  10. DIAZ JAVIER 534000
  12. EL SAYED SAM 471000
  13. PRENAT emmanuel 423000
  14. ZERBIB jerome 417000
  15. PEPE FRANCK 414000
  17. BOUAKSA SIMON 357000
  18. DENIS Estelle 338000
  19. ROBERT julien 330000
  20. SENNINGER nikolai 322000
  22. ZERBIB pierre 303000
  23. AZOULAY YOHANN 301000
  24. VU VAN YOANN SONG 300000
  25. EAMES JOHN 298000
  26. DA SILVA franclim 285000
  27. ROHR jean philippe 264000
  28. COUGHLAN PAUL 260000
  29. MILVAQUE gaetan 251000
  30. GELLMAN philippe 246000
  31. FARES Hassan 238000
  32. COLIN David 212000
  33. BRIVOT alexandre 169000
  34. BOT JEAN BERNARD 152000
  35. KAUFFMANN christian 147000
  37. DUFOUR FABRICE 139000
  39. BABEL NICOLAS 124000
  40. KOHLER Urs 116000
  41. LEONARD Bertrand 111000
  42. SANDHU SUNDEEP 108000
  43. CHEHADE GEORGES 102500
  45. PASQUALINI Alain 72000
  46. GIACALONE riccardo 38000
  47. NOURI MALIK 20000
  48. ROUGUI NACER 15000


Day 2 finished with 48 players left at Level 19 so all players are in the money. PartyPoker has two qualifiers left in the event (neither of them eligible for the $1 million bonus). Average chip stack is 339,375. Tournament starts at 2pm tomorrow and will finish at 2am or at 8 players.


Antoine Saout raised preflop for 35,000 and SB called. BB then squeezed for 95,000 total. Saout wasted no time and shoved for 175K total. Snap-called from the BB with Aces. Saout had Queens and got no help after the board was dealt. He was eliminated at the 50th place.


Our survivor Sylvain Berthelot has been eliminated. Down to less than a single blind this afternoon, he made a great comeback but didn’t make it into the money. An aggressive player raised from the small blind and Sylvain shoved with King-Jack. His opponent tanked a while and called with Ace-Nine.
Ace on the flop and we lost a pretty good fighter.

Julien “JuKlio” has been eliminated. Down to 7 blinds, he found Ace-King and got all-in preflop, snapped by… Aces. A sick setup for Julien who fought all day long with a small stack.

A player raised to 20,000 and Nicolas Dervaux shoved his last 50,000 with a pair of Kings. He got called by a pair of fives and the flop came , giving more outs to his opponent. The turn was an awful and it was over for Nicolas.


Scott O’Reilly just lost a huge pot. With , he was in good shape against but the board came . Scott was down to 20,000 chips.

“Ness” just arrived at the table of Antoine Saout, Jean-Paul Pasqualini and Dominik Nitsche. She decided to calm down those guys.  Antoine raised to 13,500 and she re-raised to 27,500 from the button. Antoine called. The flop was and Antoine check/called 45,000. Turn was Saoud bet 66,000 and “Ness” announced raise. 150,000 chips was the price of the river. Antoine thought about it a while and eventually gave up.


We are at level 17. 73 players remain. The average stack is at 223,150 and the blinds are 3,000/6,000, ante 500.


Lucille Cailly raised to 13,000 from the cut-off and got called by “Ness”. On a flop , Lucille check/called 15,000 but was forced to fold on the turn when Nesrin fired 35,000. Nicolas Dervaux shoved all-in from the button and got no customers. With the blinds and antes, he added a cool amount to his short stack.

The field is down to 78 players, last elimination was Alain Roy who lost a coinflip with Queen-Jack against the pair of threes of Antoine Saout. Not far from this action, JB Bot raised to 14,000. Our PartyPoker qualifier Mathieu Philbert called. On his left, Francois Tardieu moved all-in for exactly 116,500. Both players folded.


The table 8 is one of the most action-filled table, and we don’t like to stay away from it for a long time. Corner Tyler just doubled over Basile Yaiche: «Basou» raised preflop to 12,000 and Tyler three-bet for 26,000. «Basou» thought for a while and chose a simple move: ALL-IN. Tyler called in a nano-second with a pair of Aces. Basile was way behind with King-Queen and it stood like that. He’s down to 60,000 chips.

A few hands later, it was Lucille Cailly who moved all-in with and got called by . The board was safe for her: and she’s now up to 250,000.


Ilan Boujenah raised, Ilan Rouah called and the PartiPoker qualifier Mathieu Philbert shoved his remaining 14 big blinds with . Ilan Boujenah tanked a while and folded, but Rouah snap-called with . The board kept Mathieu in the lead and the Frenchman is up to 145,000.


Great rush for Bertrand Leonard. He just moved from 90,000 to over 330,000 in the last hour. He flopped a set of tens versus a pair of aces and took the maximum.

Nesrin “Ness” Kourdourli keeps going strong. She raised UTG, then called a 3-bet of 28,000. On a flop , she quickly check/raised to 70,000 total and her opponent folded.


We are now on the 75-minute dinner break. 98 players remain in the tournament.


Antoine Saout just doubled up. He raised from the button and Stephane Benadiba put him all-in from the big blind for 97,200. Saout eventually made the call with . He was way ahead Benadiba’s and won after a scary board. He is now up over 200,000.


PartyPoker qualifier Per Linde is eliminated! With a pair of sixes, he lost a classic coin-flip against King-Jack, leaving him with only 2,000. Next hand he got a pair of sixes again but lost a new race to Alain Roy’s Ten-Jack.


Frederik Nitsche just received an unbelievable shipment from a French player.  Nitsche raised to 8,000 from middle position and the French guy re-raised for 30,000 in the big blind. Nitsche 4-bet to 66,000 and got snap-called. Players saw a flop … watch out.

The Frenchman just open-shoved for more than 150,000 and Nitsche wasted no time before calling. He held pocket aces and was in good shape against the King-Queen of his opponent. Turn and river were safe and Nitsche is now up to nearly 500,000!


Altough he was eliminated yesterday, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier just arrived in the poker room, chatting with players and doing some interviews. Stephane Benadiba asked him to sit at his place, just for a little bit help. Seeing that, a floorman rushed to both players and got the things back to normal.


Our survivor Sylvain Berthelot keeps grinding. He just got a bit lucky to win a nice pot preflop with Ace-Six against a pair of Queens. He is now around 90,000, about 56 times his lowest stack on this day.

Another PartyPoker qualifier can breathe easily. Bertrand Leonard just found a really good spot when he raised and his opponent moved all-in for more than 40,000. Bertrand had a pair of Kings and won easily versus the pair of threes of his opponent.


Level 15. 120 players are left in the event. Average chipstack is at 135,750. Blinds are 2,000 / 4,000, ante is 400.


Ilan Boujenah is swinging a lot since the start of the day 2. He was at 190,000 at one point and lost half of his stack just before playing another huge pot to get back to 250,000.

Nesrin Kourdourli seems very focused in the tournament. She keeps winning a lot of pots by being aggressive. Eric Sagne raised from middle position and she 3-bets for 21,000 total. Eric folded.

A few hands later, she was on a flop heads-up and bet out 20,000. She got called. On the turn, the best blank ever, a , she moved all-in for more than the pot and her opponent folded.


The final prize pool of WPT Amneville is at 1,640,096 Euros. 54 players will get paid, here are the prizes:

1 426,425 € + an entry to WPT World Championship at Bellagio (worth 25,000$)
2 229,613 € + an entry to the next WPT Paris (worth 10,000€)
3 161,550 €
4 109,886 €
5 79,545 €
6 62,323 €
7 46,743 €
8 34,442 €
9 24,600 €
10 to 12 16,400 €
13 to 15 14,760 €
16 to 18 13,120 €
19 to 27 11,480 €
28 to 36 9,840 €
37 to 45 8,365 €
46 to 54 7,216 €


UTG player raised to 4,800. Alexandra Glowna called from middle position and the PartyPoker qualifier Gregory Fermont moved all-in from small blind. Both opponent folded and Fermont can breath easily.


Huge pot for Phillipe Ktorza. There was a raise, a re-raise and a re-re-raise in front of him, and he moved all-in for nearly 70K total. The player who 4bet tanked a while and called with just a pair of threes. Ktorza had Kings and the board didn’t change anything. He’s now up to more than 160K. Picture of player faces in this hand:


The board read and Eric Sagne bet 11,000 into 27,000. Cornel Tyler raised enough to put Sagne all-in and he released his hand after a while.

Adrien Allain is running good. After he made a 3-barrel bluff earlier in the day, the same opponent tried to do the same when Adrien had flopped a set. He won a huge pot and kept grinding. He’s now over 300,000 chips.


Tatjana Pasalic caught up with Isabelle Mercier yesterday at WPT Amneville and spoke about her upcoming book and movie. Check out the video:


We are going into the level 14. Blinds are at 1,500 / 3,000, ante is 300. 141 players remain and the average stack is 115,106.


Two excellent players just busted out, Nicolas Levi and Marc Inizan. I don’t have the details for the first one but Marc Inizan went all-in with Ace-King suited against a pair of Kings and lost a huge pot. Down to 3 blinds, he found a pair of Queens but was called by a pair of Aces.

In the same time, our qualified Julien “JuKlio” Caron is back in business. He won a flip with Ace-King against a pair of Tens to reach about 70,000 in chips.


Jean-Paul Pasqualini just took an enormous pot when Saout fired 77,000 into a 100K pot on the river. The board was 8-high with a four-to-straight and a flush possibility. Pasqualini eventually called with 88 for top set and Saout had a bluff with just a pair of sixes. Pasqualini is now nearing the 500,000 chips mark.

Just before the break, Nicolas Dervaux squeezed two players to 11,200 and managed to get his opponent to fold Ace-King.


Jean-Paul Pasqualini is now a massive chip-leader. He just won a massive setup with against when a queen came on the turn. He’s now up to 330,000 chips.

Bruno «Kool Shen» Lopes won a good pot, on a board , he bet 12,000 and got called by his opponent, who mucked after seeing the of the Frenchman.

Fanny «fyshette» Guitton just left the building. The  PartyPoker qualifier moved all-in for her last 9 blinds and got called. His Nine-Ten was alive versus Ace-Jack but she couldn’t improve and it’s the end of the story.

Antoine Saout is now at 250,000 chips. His opponent moved all-in on a board and Antoine was not particularly happy with his King-Ten. But he eventually made the call to see the complete bluff of his opponent with Ace-Jack. River was a blank and a nice pot was pushed to Antoine, who was seated at the same table of another huge stack, Jean-Paul Pasqualini.


Another PartyPoker qualifier is out! Edouard Maquet is the last eliminated player. UTG with a short-stack, he shoved with and got called by Benjamin Pollak with . A nice queen on the flop, but followed by the classic “Ace on the river”.


Janos Toth has been eliminated. After a raise of the very-aggressive Basile Yaiche, he shoved for almost 20,000 with . Unfortunately for him, Lucille Cailly woke up behind with a pair of Queens and the board brought no help.

On a turn, Nicolas Levi tanked a while before calling the 10,200 bet of his opponent. The river was a and the action went check-check. The King-Queen of Nicolas was enough to win a decent pot.


Julien “JuKlio” Caron is seated with Lucille Cailly, “Basou”, Eric Sagne and Nesrin Kourdourli. It’s not going to be easy for him with his 20,000 in chips. He found a spot to shove from the cut-off and Nesrin tanked a while before eventually folding. With the blinds and the antes, it was a healthy pot for Julien.

Jean-François Hemmer, another PartyPoker qualifier is now up to 80K.


The boxing champion Albert Sosnowski, who wears PartyPoker colors, just eliminated a player. Flop was and Albert bet 4,000 into 12,000. His opponent shoved for 20,000 and Albert snap-called with a set of threes and was in ultra good shape against Ace-Jack. Turn and river brought no horror and Albert is now up to 80,000.

The WSOP ladies champion Vanessa Hellebucky has been eliminated. She lost a race with a pair of fives against Ace-Ten.


We are in the level 12 with 199 players remaining. Blinds are 1,000 / 2,000, antes are 200 and the average stack is at 81,557.


Team PartyPoker pro Dragan Galic used some of his poker winnings to buy an expensive toy – 260,000 Euro Aston Martin. Check out the video:


Antony Lellouche raised preflop and Hendrik Koops moved all-in for about 30K with Nine-Ten. Antony quickly called with a pair of Queens and eliminated the PartyPoker qualifier. We are now down to 2 PartyPoker qualifiers eligible for the $1 million bonus.

On the same table, another PartyPoker qualified player just took a big pot. He 3-bet a raise from early position and Martin Vianney 4-bet all-in behind with just a pair of sevens. The initial raiser made a really good fold (Queens) while Romain snap-called with Aces. His hand held and he won 45K.


Cards are in the air, and Jean-Paul Pasqualini took his first pot by eliminating another player with Kings against Tens. Nice start.

One of our PartyPoker qualifiers was forgotten by the official chip-count, but he’s here today. It is Julien “JuKlio” Caron who has about 30K in front of him.


224 players remain. Average stack is at 72,455. Blinds are 800 / 1,600 and ante is 200.


Top 20 at the start of day 2:

  1. CHEHADE Georges – 230900
  2. MOREL Thierry – 209500
  3. PASQUALINI Jean-Paul – 204500
  4. RETTENNMAIER Marvin – 202200
  5. YAICHE Basile – 196500
  6. SAOUT Antoine – 186800
  7. LEGATH Philip – 186700
  8. ROUGUI Nacer – 175900
  9. SELLAM Thierry – 166300
  10. SOARES Victor – 164700
  11. KAUFFMANN Christian – 159200
  12. JACQUIN Mathieu – 156200
  13. GRANSART Ludivine – 155500
  14. COLIN David – 154300
  15. BENADIBA Stéphane – 151800
  16. BOUJENAH Ilan – 151300
  17. DIAZ Javier – 142300
  18. LOPES Thierry – 141700
  19. BENZINOU Joel – 137600
  20. KOURDOURLI Nesrin – 137400

PartyPoker have 3 players eligible for $1 million bonus in case they win the event. Here are their chip stacks:

25 – LINDE Per – 126200
110 – ONEILL Craig – 62600
168 – KOOPS Hendrik – 38800


WPT Amneville day 2 starts at 14.00. If you have missed our Day 1A and 1B coverage then click here for pictures, videos and updates.

Stay tuned to the PartyPoker Blog for all the live updates from WPT Amneville.


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