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People playing the poker tournaments aren’t always just professional poker players. Very often they are chess players, lawyers, doctors, real estate agents… but sometimes I run into professional boxers and I always wonder what attracts them to this game. This time it was Albert Sosnowski, a very famous Polish heavy weight boxer.

‘There is no gym here! I have to train in my room!’, Albert Sosnowski said as I was passing by. It sounded so much different than a thing a poker player would say since the only thing they need is a socket and a chair – to sit with their laptop.

This is Albert Sosnowski’s first event but he was already very unlucky. He didn’t tilt but decided to change his strategy – from aggressive to patient. Again, a huge surprise! Boxers are used to 3 minute rounds, not one hour levels but for some reason, he fell in love with this game and shared with me his poker stories and the biggest difference between poker and boxing.


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