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Talal Shakerchi by Neil Stoddart

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to spend too much time with Talal Shakerchi when he graced us with his presence at the recently recorded PartyPoker Premier League Poker Season 6 in London. However I do have to say out of all the poker players I’ve ever had the chance to meet in my lifetime this was one cool customer.

Bond vs Bourne?

Here’s a man with absolutely no self inflated ego and someone you wouldn’t pick out of crowd, which if I’m honest was probably intentional. Whilst most of us secretly probably wish to be the James Bond of Poker this truly was poker’s answer to Jason Bourne. Discreet and deadly.

To me it seemed the simple thrill of the game was his ultimate vice, the problem solving mixed with the psychology of the game was what got him going. And to that end it has to be said he played a fantastic game against the self proclaimed baddie of any poker table Tony G, I mean just watch this hand:

Somewhere in Monte Carlo

And so with reports coming in from a that he ‘lost’ in the region of €1 million in what’s being described as ‘Europe’s biggest cash poker game last weekend’ I wouldnt be too worried about Talal, knowing what little I do about this mastermind he’s either got the money back already is close to.

Tonight’s The Night

Meanwhile back in the UK and on SkySports2 tonight you can see the one and only Talal Shakerchi battle it out on the PartyPoker Premier League Poker Season 6. The action starts tonight at 10.00PM.


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