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With the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) literally less than a month away I thought it’d be a good idea to spring clean my Twitter account a bit. You know, make sure I’m following everyone I should be and time to stop following Lady Gaga as she’s really never ever going to retweet my hilarious remarks, I know. But here’s a real question for you, are you following everyone you should be on Twitter?

So here’s my 50 Twitter Poker Profiles you really should check out if you want to stay on top of everything that’s happening this year at the WSOP in Las Vegas. I’ve bunched them into some vague categories mostly for cheap laughs and easy reading but don’t take that too serious as there’s a ton of overlap between them and I’m sure you can make your own mind up of where you think they all fit in. So let’s get to it:

First Up It’s Your “Official” Sources

1. @WSOP – “The OFFICIAL source” See it’s all in caps. They are Poker.
2. @SethPalansky – Runs communications for Caesars & WSOP, basically knows everything.
3. @WSOPTD – There’s no I in Effel, no really there isn’t, as he can’t do enough for the game.
4. @jesswelman – Wanna know anything and everything about the WSOP then here you go.
5. @nolandalla – You’ll sure learn a lot about Vegas and the WSOP from this man.

Wall Street

6. @CardPlayerNews – Good good writing.
7. @CardRunners – Kara Scott has a blog there so that’s good enough for us!
8. @CanadaPoker – They reported on the WPT Montreal and do a great job for all Canadian fans.
9. @Pokerati – Been around the block once or twice, seen everything in poker.
10. @PokerNews – Heck it’s where I head to every morning.

The Force Is Strong With These One’s

11. @WhoJedi – This is the droid you’re looking for…
12. @TheWookieWay – Just let the wookie win…
13. @BJNemeth – Warning a non-stop twitter junky which is filled with pure awesomeness.
14. @taopauly – Writer. Traveler. Insomniac. – And a hell of a good read….
15. @jvfricke – Just who can resist a tweet from good old Jimmy?
16. @InfiniteEdgeKim – Not afraid to speak his mind, this one’s a real Boba Fett of Twitter
17. @billrini – If you have to ask you’ll…
18. @KaraOTR – Alright sure she plays for us, but being the sideline reporter for ESPN for the WSOP sure carries a lot of kudos, plus she’s awesome with a light saber too.
19. @RuryJMason – Like a funny & cool version of Jar Jar Binks, no really…talks in the 3rd person.
20. @MattGlantz – Ambassador of Parx and well worth listening too.
21. @Kevmath – A living legend. Ask him anything, you’ll get an answer before you even hit enter.
22. @boyand1 – Now known as the ’European Kevmath’ according to Rich Ryan.

Hey It’s Him or Her From The TV/Radio/Web!

23. @Ali_Nejad – Fast cars and slow meals is his thing plus he’s an ESPN host too
24. @Bond_18 – The man, the suit, the legend, again someone who really speaks his mind.
25. @Stapes – The finest voice in poker Joe Stapleton, also known for ‘bustin’ a move allegedly.
26. @KristyArnett – Probably one of the funniest and talented people in the poker industry.
27. @ScurrilousMay if you only follow one, follow this one.
28. @ChrisTessaro – A darn good writer and host of the “The Poker Show”

An Ode To The Bloggers

29. @Chingster23 – No list like this would ever be complete without Lee Davy
30. @BenjoDiMeo – Has an impressive vinyl collection and knows poker inside and out.
31. @nickwright_80 – His work ethic is almost a sickness.
32. @RichTRyan – Senior Editor for Pokernews.
33. @BradWillis – Some of the best tweets you’ll ever read on poker and life.
34. @RemkoMedia – A non stop poker reporting machine.
35. @dianakcox – Great live reporter.
36. @ChrisKPHall – The Master Of Puns.
37. @YorkyPuds – Spending 18+hrs watching people fold? He’s the man you want to be around.
38. @AFeldmanESPN – See the last letters ESPN yeah he’s on the inside, and soon you will be.

The Ones Who Just Wanna Take Care Of You

39. @livinglovingit – So you’re heading to an event huh? Check these guys out they’ll probably be organizing your accommodation, super-efficient and nicest people in the world.
40. @MainEventTravel – Or it could be these guys who do an awesome job as well.

Good Will Reading

41. @jaredtendler – The Mentalist – Just don’t ask for restaurant recommendations from him.
42. @Barry_Carter – Co-wrote with Jared, need I say more?
43. @tim00 – Senior Writter for Bluff.
44. @Lance_Bradley – Editor in Chief of Bluff.
45. @ChadAHolloway – Senior News Editor for PokerNews.
46. @Donnie_Peters – Editor-in-Chief at PokerNews.
47. @MatthewParvis – Head of Content at PokerNews.

Wyld Stallyons

48. @TheKristianS – Those who know know…just trust me on this one…
49. @WarrenLush – He’s regularly fired by Tony G but he sure knows everyone…
50. And You – Let me know your handle and why I should follow and maybe just maybe…

So Who’d I Miss?

So how many are you following? and who’d I miss? c’mon Let’s hear it! For one of the first times I just can’t wait to hear “OMG you f*”ng idiot I can’t believe you missed @suchNsuch!!!” Well I’d love to hear from you so I can make my list even better before heading to the greatest poker show on the earth in Las Vegas, just leave their twitter handles in the comments below. Thanks, no really thanks!

Ok I Want In Too!

What you’d like to head to Vegas as well? Well lucky for you there’s still time. On PartyPoker we’ve got a ton of routes so you can make that once in a life time trip, make sure you check out the full qualification routes to the WSOP and Las Vegas today!

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