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Whilst most would’ve made Tobias Reinkemeier the favoruite in the heads-up match, the win and the 16 points have gone to Talal Shakerchi. The victory for Shakerchi has all but decided who goes to the final automatically from Group B with one heat still to play.

The key hand heads up came fairly early on, Tobias Reinkemeier raised with and Shakerchi called from the big blind with . On the flop, Shakerchi check-raised Reinkemeier and the German made the call, there was already 350,000 in the pot.

The innocuous looking fell on the turn completing Shakerchi’s straight draw, he bet 210,000 and Reinkemeier made the call. The fell on the river, Shakerchi slid out a bet of 340,000 and after some contemplation Reinkemeier made the call and saw the bad news.

This left the stacks as 1,940,000 against 460,000 and this soon went in with Reinkemeier holding pocket sixes, which were racing against Shakerchi’s . The board giving the victory to the Brit and boosting his points total to 26.

Given that he’s 10 points ahead of Jennifer Tilly and 16 ahead of Jason Mercier and Tony G, anything but the bagel in the last heat will mean that Jennifer Tilly will have to win to deny him an automatic place in the final.

Whilst Tobais Reinkemeier tops the group and the only question is how big his stack going to the final will be, each point equates to 10,000 chips in the final.

Group B, Heat 4 result:

1st. Talal Shakerchi, 16 points
2nd. Tobias Reinkemeier, 11 points
3rd. Dan Shak, 8 points
4th. Tony G, 6 points
5th. Jason Mercier, 4 points
6th. Igor Kurganov, 3 points
7th. Jennifer Tilly, 2 points
8th. Phil Laak, 0 points

Group B overall standings after three heats
1st. Tobias Reinkemeier, 38 points
2nd. Dan Shak, 35 points
3rd. Talal Shakerchi, 26 points
4th. Jennifer Tilly, 16 points
=5th. Jason Mercier, 10 points
=5th. Tony G, 10 points
7th. Igor Kurganov, 8 points
8th. Phil Laak, 16 points

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