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The 2022 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe Main Event has reached its official nine-handed final table, and it is Steve O’Dwyer who is the man to catch when play resumes at 1:00 p.m. CEST on June 12.

O’Dwyer goes into the final table with his eyes on the €250,000 top prize in addition to yet another trophy for his mantlepiece. You can see if O’Dwyer gets the job done by tuning into the partypoker Twitch channel where Henry Kilbane and Melissa Schubert will bring the action to life, complete with exposed hole cards.

MILLIONS Europe Main Event Final Table Seat Draw


Seat Player Chips Big Blinds
1 Gergely Bartos 70,100,000 58
2 Luuk Gieles 57,300,000 48
3 Taras Khilho 47,800,000 40
4 Pavel Brzeski 25,500,000 21
5 Igor Picone 64,100,000 55
6 Jelle Moene 30,000,000 25
7 Daniel Smyth 52,700,000 44
8 Duco Ten Haven 27,000,000 23
19 Steve O’Dwyer 70,400,000 59

O’Dwyer recently finished second to Teun Mulder in the €10,300 MILLIONS Europe High Roller and is aiming to go one place deeper in the €3,300 Main Event. O’Dwyer already has €29,000 locked up but is only eight eliminations away from adding €250,000 to the more than $31 million in live cashes on his poker resume.

Gergely Bartos is hot on O’Dwyer’s heels with one big blind less than the superstar leader. They are joined at the final table by Igor Picone (64,100,000), and Dutchman Luuk Gieles (57,300,000), the latter being a familiar face in large buy-in tournaments around Europe and online.

Ireland’s Daniel Smyth, who won the 2020 WPT World Online Championship Main Event, returns with 52,700,000 chip and a great chance of glory.

Others at the final table who are definitely not only there to make up the numbers are Taras Khilho (47,800,000), Jelle Moene (30,000,000), Duco Ten Haven (27,000,000), and Pavel Brzeski (25,500,000).

MILLIONS Europe Main Event Final Table Payouts

  • 1st- €250,000
  • 2nd – €168,000
  • 3rd – €122,000
  • 4th – €84,000
  • 5th – €65,000
  • 6th – €50,000
  • 7th – €38,500
  • 8th – €29,000
  • 9th – €29,000
Matt Staples

Team Online’s Matt Staples burst the final table bubble

Plenty of household names busted on Day 2 but fell short of reaching the final day’s action.

Christian Rudolph (62nd – €5,500), Yucel Eminoglu (59th – €5,500), Will Kassouf (54th – €5,700), Ramon Colillas (45th – €6,000), chess grandmaster Ottomar Ladva (43rd – €6,000), former professional footballer Anthony Gardner (42nd – €6,000), and Finland’s Mathias Siljander (13th – €15,200).

Team Online’s Jeffrey “MaximusBlack” Johnson and Matt Staples also cashed. Johnson finished in 25th place for €8,500 while Staples burst the final table bubble, busting in tenth for €23,000.

Tune into the partypoker Twitch channel from 13:00 CEST and see who becomes the 2022 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Main Event champion.

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