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The partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe festival has crowned its first champion and Spain’s Ramon Colillas is that man. Colillas enjoyed a combination of running hot and playing superbly, busting several opponents on his way to a well-deserved victory.

Colillas got his hands on €45,000 in prize money for his €1,100 investment and now has more than $6.1 million in live poker tournament winnings. Here is how Colillas won the MILLIONS Europe Open title.

MILLIONS Europe Open Final Table

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ramon Colillas Spain €45,000
2 Andrei Cazachevici Ukraine €31,200
3 Italo Modena Italy €20,351
4 Roelof Pepping Netherlands €14,800
5 Victor Shuchlieb Mexico €11,100
6 Lauri Saaskilahti Finland €9,200
7 Pablo Gonzalez Spain €7,500
8 Marco Manco Italy €5,900
9 Arthur Conan France €4,500

Arthur Conan was the first of the nine finalists who was relieved of his stack. Ramon Colillas opened the betting to 40,000 with , Pablo Gonzalez three-bet all-in for 103,000 from the hijack with , and Conan moved all-in for 127,000 in total with . Colillas called to put two players at risk of elimination. The flop gave some hope to Gonzalez, with the turn improving Gonzalez to a straight. The river resulted in Gonzalez trebling his stack and Conan falling by the wayside.

Marco Manco, who started Day 2 as one of the shortest stacks, busted in eighth place. Manco open-shoved for 358,000 with from the button, and Colillas looked him up from the big blind with . The flop was safe for Manco’s fours but the was certainly not safe The was no help to Manco and he crashed out of the MILLIONS Europe Open event.

Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo Gonzalez fell in seventh-place.

The final seven became six with the demise of Gonzalez. Italy’s Italo Modena made it 48,000 to go from the hijack with and Gonzalez called in the big blind with , leaving himself only 141,000 chips behind. The flop flopped looked perfect for Gonzalez although he was actually a few percentage points in equity behind. Gonzalez checked, Modena bet 24,000 and Gonzalez called. A burn card later and the landed on the turn. Gonzalez checked again, Modena bet 200,000, and Gonzalez called all-in. Gonzalez had 15 outs but missed them all when the appeared on the river.

Finland’s Lauri Saaskilahti fell in sixth and won €9,500, the tournament’s last four-figure prize. The Finn was down to only 275,000 chips and he committed them all from the button with . Colillas called from the big blind with , and eliminated another opponent courtesy of the board.

Fifth-place and €11,100 went to Mexico’s Victor Shuchlieb. From the button, Colillas shoved his 1,350,000 stack into the middle to put the maximum pressure on the blinds. Shuchlieb looked down at and called off his 565,000 stack; Colillas showed . Colillas won the coinflip when the board ran , and now had more than half of the chips in play.

Roelof Pepping

Ducth grinder Roelof Pepping

Dutch grinder Roelof Pepping was the next finalist heading to the cashier’s desk. Pepping came unstuck in a hand with Colillas, who was running super hot. Colillas min-raised to 80,000 from the button with , Pepping found in the hole in the big blind, and three-bet all-in for 990,000. Colillas snap-called. A few moments later, the five community cards were in view and read .

Heads-up was set when Modena busted in third at the hands of Colillas, who won money of Modena’s in the previous hand, improving to a runner-runner straight when Modena had top pair. Andrei Cazachevici opened to 150,000 with and Modena called off his last 120,000 in the small blind with . Colillas called in the big blind with . Modena needed some help from the board but it never arrived. Both active players checked the flop, leading to the turn. Colillas led for 125,000, and Cazachevici folded. The river ended Modena’s tournament.

Colillas held a substantial 3,120,000 to 940,000 chip lead, or 52 big blinds to 16 big blinds. That huge gap coupled with Colillas running hotter than the sun meant the poker odds were stack against Cazachevici.

Andrei Cazachevici

Runner-up Andrei Cazachevici

Unsurprisingly, Colillas ran out the winner. Cazachevici moved all-in for 820,000 with , and Colillas called with after a brief pause. Colillas took the lead on the flop. A turn was followed by the river, and Colillas became the MILLIONS Europe Open champion.

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