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What a week! No matter how you look at it, whether it be that all the guarantees were met or the excitement and buzz in the room at Dusk Till Dawn, the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS (Apr 19-23) was an amazing success. Kudos to the staff at partypoker and Dusk Till Dawn. You all did an incredible job.

The huge guarantees raised a lot of eyebrows with some players saying, “They’re out of their minds!” Well, happily, those people were wrong. In the MILLIONS, it was a £6m guaranteed prize pool with £1m to the winner, £1m was guaranteed in both the high roller (£10k buy-in) and the side event (£2,500 buy-in) – which incidentally paid £250k ($320k in U.S. dollars) to the winner! And all the guarantees were met.

John Duthie, partypoker LIVE President said, “The goal of the partypoker LIVE tour is to bring the fun back into poker. We want to give players the respect they are due and provide events they will enjoy attending, to say nothing about the opportunity to win life-changing money.” With that criteria, give the MILLIONS at Dusk Till Dawn an “A”. It truly was a fun event on and off the felt, and the players’ party on April 21st – shhh – was off the chart!

Mike Sexton at the partypoker MILLIONS party

Mike Sexton at the partypoker MILLIONS party

Other than the original ONE DROP ($1m buy-in at the WSOP in 2012), I can’t remember an event where there was more energy in the room on a Day 1 than in this tourney. Many players qualified via a Phase 1 online or live at a casino partner (meaning they won their £5,300 entry via a satellite for £500 or less). Some players even qualified elsewhere until Day 3 of this event, meaning they were already in the money when they arrived. FYI, 252 players were ‘in the money’ in the MILLIONS for at least £5,000 with £1m up top.

“Congratulations” to Maria Lampropulos, winner of the MILLIONS tournament and £1m. You go girl! It was a wonderful result not only for the partypoker LIVE tour but for the poker world. Her win may provide hope and inspiration for women around the world to see that women can compete – and win – big-time poker tournaments. And let me tell you, “She didn’t play lucky. She played great and deserved this title!”

I love what partypoker is doing, the direction they are going, and I really love the concept of the partypoker LIVE tour. (I also love the HUGE guarantees they put up for these tournaments!) I believe it’s the future of poker for big-time tournaments as it gives players of all levels an opportunity to enter. The little guy can go online at partypoker and win entries into MILLIONS events for a little money. Players can also save hotel expenses for a couple of nights by getting through Day 1’s online or wherever casino partners host live tournaments. It’s a “win-win” for everyone. It gives everyone a chance to reach out and grab the brass ring and allows for bigger prize pools and where they’ll continue with the HUGE guarantees.

Maria Lampropulos: partypoker MILLIONS champion

Maria Lampropulos (image courtesy of Danny Maxwell / PokerNews)

Dreams are what keep most of us going. If you have no aspirations or dreams, your life could well be a mundane experience. “Life’s a Gamble” (also a great book if I say so myself) and you have to take a chance to win the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – and in partypoker LIVE MILLIONS events, it’s £1m to the winner, life-changing money for most people! My suggestion – give the MILLIONS events a shot. You’ll be glad you did.

The next stop on the MILLIONS tour is right around the corner (May 5-10) at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal, Canada. It’s a $5m CAD guaranteed prize pool with $1m CAD going to the winner. And for warm-ups, there is a partypoker Grand Prix event this week and daily Phase 1 tournaments ($250+$25 for entry into the MILLIONS event with $5m in guaranteed prize money). The MILLIONS North America championship is a tournament you do NOT want to miss. I can’t wait. Hope to see you there.

And if you want to know what else is on the way, here are a couple of events you want to highlight on your calendar: 1) partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Russia in Sochi in early September. Note: if you plan on attending this event, you’ll need to get a VISA which you should get ASAP. (For VISA information, go to the partypoker website.) They tell me that the venue in Sochi is incredible, as are the masses of Russians who will be there who love to play poker. 2) In November, partypoker LIVE MILLIONS is heading to Punta Cana where they’ve reserved the entire hotel property. Poker for big bucks with a holiday atmosphere – how can you beat that? Again, these are both $5m Gtd prize pools with $1m to the winner (plus $1m Gtd prize pools for side events). For details on these events and others, go to partypoker LIVE and check it out.

The value for players, both online and in live events, is unsurpassed right now by partypoker. For example, in Punta Cana last November, they held a Day 1 for the MILLIONS at Dusk Till Dawn and the 70 players that got thru the day were given a £100,000 FREEROLL as to which of them would last longer in the tournament. That’s right – £100,000 added to whatever prize money they won – for the player lasting the longest in the tournament. Who does that? partypoker, that’s who! That £100k was won by Jacob Mulhern (who was also runner-up for another £650k in the MILLIONS). “Congrats, Jacob!” Play online at partypoker and you’ll see the massive guarantees, a number of which come up short, meaning VALUE for you, for daily and weekly tournaments. And next month, they’re guaranteeing $20 million to online players in various tournaments during the Powerfest festival! Check it out.

And the really good news – the best is yet to come! #partypoker


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  1. Allan J Starkey on

    Thanks for comming Mike and for all your wisdom,means so much to us recreational players.

  2. Mike I been watching you for years on WPT with Vince and loved meeting you in the flesh at Millions. Thanks for wishing us luck and being so approachable. Was a great atmosphere in Nottingham – here’s to the next one.